B2 High-Intermediate AU 297 Folder Collection
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(SINGING) When the lights start flashing like a photo booth,
and the stars explode, and we'll be fireproof.
My youth.
My youth is yours.
Tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls.
My youth.
My youth is yours.
Run away now and forevermore.
My youth.
My youth is yours.
A truth so loud you can't ignore, my youth.
My youth.
My youth.
My youth is yours.
What if-- what if we start to drive?
What if?
What if we close our eyes?
What if?
We're speeding through red lights, into paradise.
Cause we have no time for getting old, mortal bodies,
timeless souls.
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297 Folder Collection
A1m4y6 published on September 10, 2017
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