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Our legacy isn't how many
commas we have in our bank account.

It's who we're looking
up to have in our lives.

And what we can
lead them with.

Remind me again why we
can't put you on a gifted school.

Because it's better for
my Psycho Social Development,

for me to interact with the peer
group at a normal school environment.

Oh, yeah.
Hey, Susan.
I guess I can just set you up
with Direct Deposit if that's easier.

I-I don't know.
I'll have to ask Henry.

You have to ask your
eleven-year old?

Did our Financial Statement
come in the mail today?

Yeah, I forgot to
give it to you.

I don't know how you do
it, all by yourself.

Come on! I have Henry.
Find me another male of the
species who's more grown-up than him.

I'd like to.
This story is about me, my brother,
my mom, and the girl who lived next door.

Henry and Peter, they're
lucky to have you.

And your father's
lucky to have you too.

You okay?
I'm good.
Mom, I have to tell you
something and it's very important.

Christina's in trouble.
When someone hurts someone else,
we have to make it better.

There's only one
way to stop it.

I'd hope to do it all myself,
but that's not an option.

There has to be another
way to help Christina.

Why there's no way to help...
Mr. Sickleman is the
Police Commissioner.

I'm not gonna subject him to public
scrutiny without conclusive evidence.

Okay. Let's do this.
Mom, everything you
need is right here.

I'll be with you
the whole time.

I know what
you've done.

And we documented
all of it.

Who do you think
they're gonna believe?

It can't be
left undone.

- No matter what, don't panic.
- I'm not panicking!

We have to make it better.
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1676 Folder Collection
A1m4y6 published on September 8, 2017
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