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Well hello and welcome to today's lesson, my name is Rima and today's lesson is very
interesting, very different and very musical. Today we are going to learn how you can learn
English through songs. Now we all enjoy songs and there is actually no language to music,
right? So well I have picked out a fabulous love song for you and it's called, when you
say nothing at all by Ronan Keating. So all you have to do basically is go to this link,
listen to the song and come right back where I'm going to explain the entire song to you.
So see you in a bit.
Well, I hope you heard the song, the fantastic love song, when you say nothing at all by
Ronan Keating who used to be part of the band called Boy zone.
Today we are going to learn how you can learn English through songs. Now we all enjoy songs
and there's actually no language to music, right? So well I've picked out a fabulous
love song for you and it's called, when you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating. So now
what I'm going to do is, I'm going to explain the song to you line by line and let's see
if you understood it correctly. Okay so the first line and you may have heard
this. It goes like it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart. You know like," it's
amazing how you can speak right to my heart." So this actually means it's talking about
the person in the singer's life who can really, really understand how the singer feels. You
know there are some people in our life who really get the way we feel. So really whenever
they speak, they speak right to our heart. So that's what he is trying to say and the
next line, “without saying a word, you can light up the dark." So he is basically talking
about how when we are feeling really low and our world seems really dark but there's that
one special someone may be your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend whoever it is,
who just comes and probably sits by you, without saying anything but just that person's presence,
it feels like your entire dark world has been lit up and there's hope again. I sincerely
hope you all have someone like that in your life and that's exactly what Ronan is talking
about here. Let's go see the next line, okay and this
happens to be my favourite line. He says," try as I may I could never explain what I
hear when you don't say a thing." So sometimes, it's not all about words, it's about feelings,
it's about the energy, and it’s about how you feel about each other. So sometimes a
couple can just sit and not talk to each other and still understand what's going on with
each other. So that's what he is trying to say, he's saying, I can't explain in words,
you know what I hear when you don't say anything to me. So I guess all he feels or all he hears
is the warmth is the love, the affection, is the support that his ladylove is offering
to him without saying a word. Now these lines which I just explained happen
to be the first verse of the song. Now what is a verse? The verse is actually the introductory
part of the song followed by one part of the song that keeps getting repeated and that
happens to be the chorus which you see in red over here. So let's see what the chorus
has to say. Okay, so the chorus goes like this, “the
smile on your face lets me know that you need me. There’s a truth in your eyes saying
you'll never leave me." Okay and that's something that you know probably all of us look for
in the face of our loved one. So he says that his girlfriend's smile makes him feel like
yeah she needs him, you know and there's so much truth and so much true love in her eyes
that she's actually saying without saying a word that she's never ever going to leave
me. So these lines actually are trying to say that, you know the singer gets a lot of
reassurance, a lot of support and sees a lot of true love in his lady love's eyes and some
beautiful feeling I'm sure. Moving on, it says, the touch of your hand
says you'll catch me whenever I fall. You say it best when you say nothing at all."
So yes he is talking about how sometimes like without words you can just hold someone's
hand or probably just like touch them and that touch is full of like reassurance, love
and support. So all those ethereal qualities that matter so much in a relationship, that's
exactly what he is talking about. So the touch of your hand says you will catch me whenever
I fall. So a lot of times, I think all of us, you know fall down or give into negative
thoughts, give in to feeling low and all of that but you know how it is. There’s that
special someone who really lifts us up, you know. So it’s probably not talking about
literally picking up a person off the floor but it's talking about picking up a person's
spirits. The way a person feels. So he feels like you know whenever she holds his hand,
she's just kind of picking him up from that really low dark depressed place and making
him feel all strong and hopeful again. Well who wouldn’t want a girl friend like that?
So whenever I fall and you say it best, when you say nothing at all. So basically she doesn't
need words to connect to communicate with him. All of her actions and her true love
and affection for him it just says everything without really saying anything at all. So
that was all about the chorus that I explained to you. Let’s move on to the second verse
of the song. Now the second verse says, all day long I
can hear people talking out loud. So it goes like, "All day long I can hear people talking
out loud, when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd." So what he is trying to say
is that sometimes our life is filled with so many people and there's so much noise in
terms of the number of people, the kind of advice we get, the number of interactions.
People that we socialise with or the so called friends that we have. But there's that one
person, you know whenever you are with that person, you feel like you are completely drowning
out all that noise and just kind of really connecting with that person. So what he feels
is that when his ladylove holds him near he just drowns out the sound drowns out the crowd.
Now drown out over here is not related to water, it means actually separating himself
from the noise from the unwanted advice, from the so called artificial or superficial people
in his life, in order to go close and near to a real bond that is the bond that he shares
with his ladylove. So that's what these two lines mean. Moving on he says and again this
is my favourite part, he says," try as I may I can never define what's been said between
your heart and mine.' So what he's trying to say is that the way he and his girlfriend
speak to ea h other without words, the way they communicate with feelings and energy,
like a bond that is so strong, it's not something that he can define. It's not something that
he can put into words because it's basically two hearts communicating with each other without
the use of words. I think this is so beautiful and if you have that special someone in your
life, I'm sure you have had such conversations many times and you know the value of such
conversations. So well this was all about the song written by Ronan Keating. A very,
very hit song, a song that many boyfriends have used to serenade to their girlfriends,
when you say nothing at all. So what I have for you now is a link, you can go to this
link and download the lyrics, as in the words of the song and actually use these words,
you know look at these words and sing the song to yourself. Now how is singing the song
going to help you? It's going to help you in a lot of ways. The first thing you can
do is you can get your pronunciation correct. The second thing you can do that is that you
can actually master these sentences and they are formed, the way they are written and get
comfortable with that and that will improve your English. And the third way in which it's
going to benefit you is that may be if you get it right you can actually use this song
to serenade to your special someone. So well I really, really hope that you enjoyed this
lesson. I enjoyed singing to you and explaining the song. I'm going to catch you very soon
with yet another lesson. Till then you take care and keep learning English and of course
if you love our lessons, make sure you do subscribe to our channel.
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Learning English through songs (When you say nothing at all..... Ronan Keating) Lyrics Explained

923 Folder Collection
maggieolulu published on September 8, 2017
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