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WOMAN: I thought I was hallucinating because I was
about to cross the road, and along came this huge shed.
MAN: Just coming to buy a shed and look what I found.
MAN: It’s fabulous.
COMM: The brainchild of Kevin Nicks, this
is the world’s fastest shed.
KEVIN: It’s not very aerodynamic; knot 60
is still surprisingly quick on it. Top speed, I’ve been officially timed at just over 88mph.
COMM: And incredibly it’s completely street legal.
KEVIN: When people see me driving the shed,
it’s quite humbling that you can make so many people smile. Some look in disbelief.
Yeah, it looks wrong but that’s kind of the intention.
WOMAN: I know men who have got a hobby and
that usually involves a shed but one on wheels is the first one I have ever seen.
COMM: Powered by 2.8 litre V6 engine, the
four-wheel drive shed weighs just over two tons. It has electric windows, air conditioning,
central locking and has cameras mounted round its exterior to improve the driver’s vision.
KEVIN: I built the car on my own drive. I
was fortunate with the weather the year that I built it. It was interesting because some
of the neighbours kept saying, “what are you doing, what are you doing?” Well can’t
you tell? So I was having fun with all the neighbours. I actually completely built the
vehicle all on my own, all the steel work because what you can’t see in the pictures is
how much steel work is actually underneath, how strong it is. The consideration that’s
been given into should it ever have an accident, so all the steel work, the welding, all the
timber work. It’s not just a timber shed plonked on a car, far from it because it has
actually passed the 6-hour IVA test where every little detail is scrutinised. The actual built
took me seven months from start to finish, so it was every evening, weekends but because
I work for myself sometimes I could get all the work done in three days so I would spend
four days on it but a lot of man hours per week.
KEVIN: The shed’s never broken down. It’s
fully serviced, fully maintained, the same as any car that you use on the road.
WOMAN: My husband Charles is a shed addict.
In fact he’s got four sheds. When we saw this one and we just had to have his photograph
taken with a shed on wheels ‘cause that’s about the only shed he hasn’t got.
MAN: And I am considering putting wheels on my shed now.
WOMAN: Yeah. I know, on your bike.
WOMAN: But you know what, it brings a smile
to everybody’s face when they see it, doesn’t it?
KEVIN: If you can make people smile then it’s
just truly wonderful. There are more projects to come. We are looking for a sponsor, somebody
to advertise so that we can move forward and we can all have some more fun in life.
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World's Fastest Shed Can Reach 88mph

217 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 6, 2017
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