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  • WOMAN: I thought I was hallucinating because I was

  • about to cross the road, and along came this huge shed.

  • MAN: Just coming to buy a shed and look what I found.

  • MAN: It’s fabulous.

  • COMM: The brainchild of Kevin Nicks, this

  • is the world’s fastest shed.

  • KEVIN: It’s not very aerodynamic; knot 60

  • is still surprisingly quick on it. Top speed, I’ve been officially timed at just over 88mph.

  • COMM: And incredibly it’s completely street legal.

  • KEVIN: When people see me driving the shed,

  • it’s quite humbling that you can make so many people smile. Some look in disbelief.

  • Yeah, it looks wrong but that’s kind of the intention.

  • WOMAN: I know men who have got a hobby and

  • that usually involves a shed but one on wheels is the first one I have ever seen.

  • COMM: Powered by 2.8 litre V6 engine, the

  • four-wheel drive shed weighs just over two tons. It has electric windows, air conditioning,

  • central locking and has cameras mounted round its exterior to improve the driver’s vision.

  • KEVIN: I built the car on my own drive. I

  • was fortunate with the weather the year that I built it. It was interesting because some

  • of the neighbours kept saying, “what are you doing, what are you doing?” Well can’t

  • you tell? So I was having fun with all the neighbours. I actually completely built the

  • vehicle all on my own, all the steel work because what you can’t see in the pictures is

  • how much steel work is actually underneath, how strong it is. The consideration that’s

  • been given into should it ever have an accident, so all the steel work, the welding, all the

  • timber work. It’s not just a timber shed plonked on a car, far from it because it has

  • actually passed the 6-hour IVA test where every little detail is scrutinised. The actual built

  • took me seven months from start to finish, so it was every evening, weekends but because

  • I work for myself sometimes I could get all the work done in three days so I would spend

  • four days on it but a lot of man hours per week.

  • KEVIN: The shed’s never broken down. It’s

  • fully serviced, fully maintained, the same as any car that you use on the road.

  • WOMAN: My husband Charles is a shed addict.

  • In fact he’s got four sheds. When we saw this one and we just had to have his photograph

  • taken with a shed on wheelscause that’s about the only shed he hasn’t got.

  • MAN: And I am considering putting wheels on my shed now.

  • WOMAN: Yeah. I know, on your bike.

  • WOMAN: But you know what, it brings a smile

  • to everybody’s face when they see it, doesn’t it?

  • KEVIN: If you can make people smile then it’s

  • just truly wonderful. There are more projects to come. We are looking for a sponsor, somebody

  • to advertise so that we can move forward and we can all have some more fun in life.

WOMAN: I thought I was hallucinating because I was

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