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It's easy to make mistakes,
but some mistakes are a little more embarrassing than others.
I'm gonna show you what I mean.
It's a new segment we call "Badvertising".
This one is for pregnancy test.
This is a real ad.
She seems so surprised.
I mean...
If you look like that and you're shocked that you're pregnant,
you should not have a child.
Here's one.
This is a clothing ad from Target,
which seems normal, but then you look closely and the dad has three hands.
This is a billboard for a beer company.
Now, in the front it looks OK, but from behind...
Take it down.
Take it down, take it down, take it down.
If you see a bad ad, you think I should see, please send it to me.
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28759 Folder Collection
Crystal Wu published on September 20, 2017    Crystal Wu translated    Ann reviewed
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