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00:13 COMM: The Nokturnal Car Club is one of the
biggest customised vehicle clubs in the world with chapters across America, Europe and Asia.
00:23 TONY: You say this is a hobby but it sure
don't feel like no hobby I mean you put in more hours than you do at work. Y'know we
love it but it feels like a full time job.
00:30 COMM: The members spend hundreds of thousands
of pounds and countless hours turning their regular cars into moving, roaring works of
00:38 HECTOR: Here you have a 1998 Chevy two-door
00:42 HECTOR: We converted the whole front end as
you can see, fenders, we added oversized wheels, 28-inch fully engraved and painted. We added
a nice mural on top of the hood. Our candy paint job, purple paint job and then some
pin striping.
01:02 HECTOR: Money wise it's very hard to pinpoint
it but a rough estimate would probably be ninety thousand to a hundred. I know it sounds
like a lot to a lot of people but also it's a build that has taken maybe four to four
plus years.
01:19 TONY: First I do it for y'know, the girls,
why lie? But eventually you do it so long that's not why you're building it, you do
it for the builds and the attention the builds get. Everybody's reaction is something different.
01:33 TONY: When they first see out rides on the
street or anywhere where we're setting them up, first thing that comes out of people's
mouths is y'know wow. Second thing is why would you do that to a new car? Our club is
we try to go after the newest stuff and pretty much mess it up.
01:47 CHARLES: The car is great, it's fantastic.
There's no part of this car that's not customised.
01:58 CHARLES: The paint is extraordinary, definitely
has show quality. This vehicle is definitely above the top, and unique.
02:08 TONY: We've run out of ideas on cars so why
not build a golf cart?
02:12 TONY: We've put some 14 inch rims on the golf
cart and LEDs all the way along the bottom. HALO lights it's got TV's everywhere. We've
got an iPad that goes on the dash. XBOX 360 in the back. and actually this damn golf cart
weighs probably a much as a car.
02:25 TONY: I'm sitting on a good 12 batteries right
now. You spend at least $5,000 just on these batteries.
02:31 COMM: Despite the incredible amount of time
and money involved in being a member of the club, it's grown exponentially since it's
inception in 2001.
02:41 HECTOR: We started in Montebello, California.
We've expanded to 28 chapters including Texas, Florida uh, St. Louis, Chicago, New York,
Arizona, Nevada, Utah and now presently in Japan as well.
02:56 TONY: Nokturnal as a club, I mean now we're
more like family. I've missed to many birthday parties, parties and we've gone everywhere
with these guys, with our members y'know sometimes they do more for you than your own family
03:11 HECTOR: Everybody thinks I'm crazy and my
family thinks I waste too much money on it. But my perks are different, my rewards are
different. I grew up reading lowrider magazine, and it always inspired to make me want to
come out in the magazine but successfully we won and I'm a three time champ when it
comes to lowrider.
03:31 TONY: You say I'm obsessed with all these
vehicles but I don't call it obsessed, it's just know what you love doing.
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Extreme Car Customisation: Vehicles Turned Into Works Of Art

136 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 4, 2017
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