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  • My name is Johnny Harris and I make videos here at Vox.

  • For the past year, I've been focusing on making documentaries about

  • how people live around the world.

  • For next set of videos I want suggestions on

  • where I should go next, and I'm looking

  • for ideas surrounding a single topic:

  • Borders

  • I'm going to go to 6 different borders around the world and look at the

  • human outcomes of what happens when you

  • draw lines on a map.

  • And I haven't picked out these six places yet I'm looking for suggestions.

  • So you can go to to submit an idea.

  • Look at the border between Brazil and Bolivia

  • Brazil is clearly harvested it's forest

  • very aggressively leaving few trees

  • while Bolivia hasn't.

  • So this random looking straight line on the map

  • actually determines where a forest end

  • and affects the people and animals living there

  • Between Haiti and Dominican Republic,

  • Haitian women cross a muddy river every morning to sell goods

  • in a guarded Dominican market for the

  • day before trekking back at night all

  • because someone decided to draw a line

  • at some point on this island.

  • Interesting borders are everywhere so if something

  • comes to mind I want you to tell me about it.

  • Borders aren't always lines between two countries.

  • Sometimes as interesting state borders,

  • or borders within a city or even a neighborhood.

  • Regardless of what kind of border it is I want to go to these places to help humanize the map

  • and show what borders look like in real life, and the effect that it has on people.

  • The six documentaries about borders

  • aren't going to publish until the Fall

  • but while I'm going to these places and

  • making these videos I'm going to be up

  • keeping a travel log on my Facebook page where I'm going to publish

  • little video dispatches of what I'm seeing and what

  • I'm learning along the way and

  • you can follow along if you want to keep up to date

  • on the progress and hopefully help me out as I'm doing this.

  • I'm not really sure where I'm going yet or

  • what's going to happen along the way but

  • I'm pretty sure it's going to be an adventure

My name is Johnny Harris and I make videos here at Vox.

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