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00:08 COMM: Hurtling forward at speeds of 226 miles
per hour, this is view from inside Britain's fastest road legal car.
00:17 ANDY: Sweet as a nut.
00:20 COMM: Red victor 3 carries a 3000 horse power
VA engine that can propel it from 0 to 60 in under a second, yet you can still see owner
Andy Frost taking it out for a spin round the streets of Wolverhampton.
00:35 COMM: Andy has dedicated his life to the project
spending thousand converting a humble Vauxhall Victor into the speed demon we see today.
00:46 SHANE: So Andy's got everything invested in
this. Time, y'know this is a 30 year project for him because realistically this started
with Red Victor 1 and the original Red Victor that he bought you know as a VX490 but way
back whenever. So this is an evolution of that, sort of lets say dream and so he's got
every single thing in his life for 30 years invested into what is sitting right behind
01:09 COMM: But Andy's efforts were once again paid
back when at the Santa Pod raceway in Bedfordshire, the 53-year-old broke his own speed record
by covering a quarter of a mile in just 6.4 seconds.
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Red Victor: Britain's Fastest Road Legal Car

157 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 3, 2017
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