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There comes a time when every nice guy reaches a crossroad. After living his whole
life trying to treat everyone with care and kindness, he realizes it got him
nothing in return. In fact, it actually resulted in the one person he truly
cared about thinking he's an asshole. So here I am at the crossroad. If nice got
me nowhere and I'm already an asshole in Audrey's eyes, maybe I should just be exactly what
she thinks I am. Besides what do I have to lose?
Forget being nice, I might
I might even- I might even get more
That's really nice of you. Thanks.
I got to your tacos with extra pico de "nice guy-o".
I'm seriously gonna punch you. You should call them. Ask if they got home okay.
I'm sure they're fine.
You wanna talk about it? There's nothing to talk about. She doesn't have
any feelings for me, it's over.
She hates you. Hate's a feeling.
I just, wish I knew why. Well... you talked behind her back.
You acted really immature, got SUPER drunk. Then you soft blocked her. You soft-blocks a girl?
You never soft-block a girl!
Not why is she hates me. Why she doesn't like me.
What difference does that make?
I don't know, but if she's going to be this angry at me, I deserve to know.
Oh my god, I can't take any more of this bitching!
Derek, I feel for you. I've been rejected too, and my mind would run a wild. Am I not
pretty enough? Am I not cool funny, smart enough?
But ultimately I have to respect their decision. And most importantly myself!
She doesn't have to give you a reason why.
If she's not into, it she's not into it.
And even if you did know why, it's not gonna make you feel any better.
She's right. Sometimes, no one did anything wrong, it's just not there.
If that's the case, I wish I never said anything. I wish I never listened to all
those stupid videos telling me to risk it all! Because now look, I lost
everything. My pride, Audrey, that friendship. It just wasn't worth it.
Excuse me. Hello, excuse me.
Sorry were you having an inner monologue? Uhh, yeah sort of.
It's okay I do that too sometimes.
Anyways do you have this in a medium, I didn't see
any out there. Sure, let me go check. Cool, thanks.
It's HIM! The whole reason I'm in this crappy situation!
Excuse me, sorry we don't have that size. Ahh, okay no worries.
Actually is there anything I can help you about in particular with?
Nah, I'm just shopping around.
Mmm everyone's shopping for something, am I right? Night out, new job
special event maybe? Uh yeah I'm just uh trying to find an outfit for a shoot.
A shoot? Coooool. What do you do?
Uh... hard to explain I guess I make videos
Ohh. Interesting! That is very interesting. What about?
Uh I guess life, relationships
love. So you must consider yourself an expert then?
Hardly I still have a lot to learn.
No shit.
What did you say? Hmm?
Did you say something? No. Did you?
You just said- No I didn't. Uh, yeah I can help you right here.
You lied to me! Geezus!
What?! You made that video! You said you were a nice guy and
you made that bullshit story where you made a bullshit happy ending
you gave guys like me hope that nice guys don't finish last!
Yes, I think that's a good message don't you think? Well it's not, it's ruining live like mine!
What's your name man? Derrick.
Derrick, I made that video 10 years ago to help
quote-unquote nice guys have a little bit of courage and self-respect.
And you got the girl! I did everything right and I still got screwed.
Screwed as in you didn't get the girl? Yeah.
Well does she at least want to stay friends?
After this past week? Doubtful, but either way I wouldn't want to.
Why not? Because it'd
be awkward after I told her that I liked her. Because I care about her so much
that not being able to show her that would drive me crazy. Because every time
I'm around her I would just be reminded that, I wasn't good enough.
Man I'm really starting to feel that way but that's really how you feel then you
got to move on without her. I tried- Without being an asshole.
If I move on, that's it.
I- I lose. And everything you said in your short was wrong okay nice guys DO finish last!
Here's the thing, Derrick. When I made that video, I thought I was a nice guy
too okay? And I was probably going through the same frustrations that
you're going through right now, but over these last 10 years I've
learned a lot about what it means to be nice. And truth is there's no such thing
as nice guys and nice girls. There are only good decent people, and these good
decent people sometimes get rejected, and they look for a reason, because we're all
brought up wanting to believe that being good will bring about good, but sometimes
life doesn't happen the way we want when we want.
So why even try?
I don't know, I guess I still believe that good things eventually will happen to good
people. It's how you deal with all the sucky stuff in
the meantime that will make all the difference in your life. You can't really
say screw it all every time something doesn't work out. That's not really helping your future.
I know it's really hard, but try not to get jaded.
Use this experience to make a better version of yourself.
And don't take it out on her in the process.
[Cell phone buzz]
Whoa, he's gone!
What was that?
Huh? Oh, nothing, uh, never mind.
I mean you're on your phone, so I decided to get in my car
Did you think I disappeared like a fairy godmother or something?
What? No. Not at all. Okay well I'm gonna get in my car now.
Yeh yeh.
Not disappearing Okay, no I got it.
Okay good luck, Derek. Thanks
You too
Hey Audrey, I've acted really dumb and I'm really sorry.
I still want to be friends with you if you're open to it
Hey! So my friend Jack says he's all set for tomorrow's photoshoot! 2p Warren Fields! Cya!
A little bit better please? No. something else. Something else. Something else
Oh yeah, that's, that's ok, that's ok, but you know what this is? This is the
last one, let's, let's see fierce!
No no no no that's that's not fierce. I want intensity!
Um, can we just smile?
Sure you could just smile, if you'd like some
basic ass graduation photos, but I'm trying to give you something that's
going to get you likes! Dammit, Jack just take the picture!
I don't think we're on the same page creatively
Take it! FINE!
Was that so hard? Yes, it was, and my vision's been compromised
Your vision? What about your vision?
How can it be compromised you don't have a vision, freaking Jack!
Derek. What are you doing here?
I saw on Sophie's story that you guys went ahead with the shoot so I figured that maybe I could
offer some help. That's nice- considerate of you.
But we actually just finished.
Oh. I see.
Actually, I had about 50 different texts that I wanted to send you but I
figured we're good enough friends that I could talk to you in person.
Are we? Good enough friends? Last you told me seemed like you wanted nothing to do with me.
Yeah, that's what I want to talk about. - Okay.
First, I want to apologize.
Everything I did since the night in the car was wrong and uncalled-for.
Thanks for saying that.
The thing is I didn't communicate why I
acted the way that I did. What do you mean?
You can understand how hard it is
to still be friends after being rejected, that make sense right?
I guess, but, it's
not like I was forcing you to get my way. I just wanted to be hopeful that we
could still be cool. - Don't worry, Audrey, we will be cool okay?
But being friends the way we were is something different. I think some people
could do it but I can't and that's just because I like you too much.
Too much to just be friends.
I'm not trying to hold her friendship hostage
and I'm not saying that I wasn't being genuine when we were friends
but it'd be too difficult to stay close to you knowing that I wasn't enough, and
some new guy will be.
I understand.
So, I sorta came here to say goodbye.
God that sounds so melodramatic but I think that
this is where our friendship needs to change. And not because I mad at you and I
hope that you're not mad at me either.
Of course I'm not mad at you Derek.
I'm not perfect either. I'm still learning how to handle these situations too and it sucks
that it has to come to this, but I understand why.
And I respect your decision. Thanks.
I really appreciate you being so mature and talking to me like this.
See this is the guy I want to be friends with-
Sorry, that's probably not what you wanna hear right now
Yeah no.
Do you think we can still be friends later on?
Maybe. I hope I can get to a place where that's possible.
That'd be cool.
I'm sorry things didn't play out how do you wanted.
Don't be.
It was still worth it.
See you later, Audrey.
See ya.
So I know it looks like I'm walking away all strong and resolved.
And for a closing internal monologue, that's what would be expected.
But, no, I'm dying inside.
This freaking sucks. I'm still head over heels for Audrey and I probably will be for some time.
But it's not meant to be right now, and that's okay, because in the
meantime, I've got a lot to be thankful for.
I've got great friends...
I have a fun job that - Excuse me.
Inner monologue again? Yeah, sorry.
Please finish.
Actually...Why don't you take this one?
The truth is life is not a sprint.
It's a really long marathon, filled with opportunities to grow,
find joy, and create happiness.
Those who live the best and fullest lives
don't focus on what's fleeting and temporary, but instead focus on making
it all the way through to the end.
Nice guys don't finish last.
Nice guys finish lasting.
Hey everyone! Philip here, and on behalf of everyone at Wong Fu Productions, thank you so much!
That's it! Thank you for watching this all the way to the end.
We hope you enjoyed the series as much as we enjoyed making it for you guys
If you guys want to go behind the scenes to see how we made this series or watch
the bloopers, check out the videos right over there. Also be sure to check out the
Wong Fu store where you can get your own nice guy t-shirts, tanks, and hats.
It all goes to support Wong Fu Productions and projects like this. Be sure to
subscribe tell your friends about Wong Fu Productions and we'll see you guys next
time! Thank you!
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Just Another Nice Guy - Part 3

5258 Folder Collection
蘇同聞 published on January 6, 2018    Gloria Ting translated    Jerry reviewed
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