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I realized a mile is pretty far
and uh
it is dark.
Why didn't you go after me?
I thought you were a nice guy.
You seemed really upset
and I wanted to give you some space
and I was probably going to go find you after another minute,
and uh-
I don't want to be a "nice guy" anymore.
The truth is, Derek, I don't want you to change.
I like you just the way you are
emphasis on "I like you"
What about everything else you said tonight?
Maybe I'm just afraid.
My last relationship was crap and
I'm afraid that if we date and it doesn't work out
then not only will we lose our friendship, but we'll hate each other, too.
I'd never want that.
I'd never hate you
I'd only hate it if
you never gave
"us" a chance.
Then let's go for it.
"Nice guys finish last"
As a naive high schooler, I didn't want to believe it.
As a hopeful college student, I wanted to disprove it.
But here I was,
the morning after getting rejected by my dream girl and best friend, Audrey.
And all the evidence was right there in front of me;
despite avoiding the friendzone
and being upfront about my feelings
I was still turned down.
There was no hope for nice,
never has-
Are you in the middle of one of your internal monologues?
thanks for interrupting.
Please finish.
never will.
what do you want?
I'm guessing last night didn't go well?
Well, let's just say that Audrey
chose walking a mile alone at night versus spending another five minutes with me.
What happened?
I messed up.
I thought she had feelings
but she didn't see me that way.
And then?
And then I-
went and told her it wasn't worth being friends if we weren't going to be anything more.
Holy crap! Dude, why would you say that???
You're supposed to be on my side.
You're always talking about how you're the nice girl
who also gets overlooked.
Don't compare me to you.
Nice girls have our own unique set of problems,
the difference is you guys feel entitled to something because of your niceness,
us girls don't get that same privilege.
I don't feel entitled, I-
I just feel-
or you're just feeling unwanted and you're taking it out on her.
Arghhhh! You're making me think things
I need someone to blindly validate my feelings.
I knew it, man.
knew it.
And you know what pisses me off the most?
She's probably going to start dating some douchebag
with a douchy shirt and a douchy jacket that matches his douchy haircut.
What makes you say that?
I don't know.
It's a completely baseless accusation,
but I know that's what's going to happen
See, that's the problem with guys like you, Derek.
You get rejected and your world comes crashing down
but you never look at yourself
and instead blame everyone else.
What if this guy that she's dating is an amazing person?
and just because it isn't you, he is the douchebag
and SHE'S a b*tch
What is with you and Julia today?
I'm just trying to say that
I've been that other guy before.
I know for a fact that when I dated this girl
the guy before that she rejected thought I was a douchebag.
But I'm not!
I'm awesome.
Why do you think you're friends with me?
And let's be real, he just wasn't right for her,
and a little lame.
But Lawrence,
you are a douchebag.
ohhh I'm a-
Hey, you called me lame. Okay?
and you can't deny girls like guys
with more of an edge.
Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you to be something that you aren't.
Then what are we doing?
We're playing cards.
Bear with me now,
let's say...we're playing poker.
And you get dealt
a seven deuce.
You're trying to be make it straight with Audrey but
you just can't with these cards
I'd like to think
Audrey dealt a seven too
and I'm trying to build a full house
even if she did
the odds of you guys making a two seven full house
VERY unlikely
oh cool
so you're saying I never had a shot with her
thanks a lot Lawrence that was REALLY helpful
what you forgot to see is that
you have two clubs
so instead of going for a straight or a fullhouse
why not try a flush?
you gotta rethink your strategy
cut your losses
and start a new hand
or bluff
I'm lost
she said it'd be messed up if I decided not to be friends with her anymore
she KNOWS that I'm nice
and that I wouldn't be that petty
and you want to prove to her that you
I think she believes that I would never truly remove myself from her
I'm going to show her what it's like to really be gone
not a friend
not a nice guy
and she might be pissed off at first
ultimately she'll realize how important I was
and in that absence of THAT guy
she'll realize that she actually DID like me
that's REALLY risky
you're going against the house
I'm going all in
I'm going to stop this analogy
is it too much?
just a little bit
song: stampede by year of the ox
hey Derek !
oh hey Abe !
Where were you Saturday?
for Audrey's potluck for the game?
oh we don't really hang out anymore
um she was sorta leading me on
what?! really?
don't tell her I said that though
and um be careful around her
how many outfits should we bring for our graduation photoshoot?
oh uh about that ...
um I can't anymore...
that's so last minute !
Audrey and all of us had made plans !
I just...can't
that day uh my camera is
so sorry
hey !!
Sandra right?
Audrey's cousin
yea we met last quarter
I think she gave you my ladder
could I get that back?
oh yea sure
hey Derek ?
do you
happen to know anyone with an ID that I can borrow?
what for?
some of my friends are going to a party this weekend
and we just need to get in
Audrey obviously isn't helping
is he still not responding?
no! and he doesn't even open my snaps anymore
hey guys!
finally!! where you been?
I dropped my phone two days ago
it was this whole thing..
why are you dressed like a fckboi?
you look like me you biter!
I'm just
is this part of your bet against Audrey?
I don't know
it wasn't at first but
but now that I've unfollowed her
unfriend her
and told all her friends I'm not taking their graduation photos anymore
hold up
you petty
ok it felt good to be selfish for once
to not care what other people think
so yes I bought a long a$$ t-shirt
well should we go in?
in a sec I told Sandra I'd wait for her outside
wait wait wait
Audrey's little cousin Sandra?
yea she needs an ID from me
did you ask Audrey?
that's what a NICE guy would do
hey Derek!
hey Sandra!
good to see ya
this is Lawerence and Julia
you guys wanna go in?
you know
we'll let you guys go first and get kicked out and then we'll go in
we'll see you guys in there
wait are we?
no don't worry
what is this? bring your daughter to work day?
this is bad
song: double dip by far east movement
oh my gosh !! my heart is beating so fast
I can't believe that actually worked!!
I TOLD you the bouncers wouldn't be able to tell
all Asians look the same
hey thanks again for helping
I've asked Audrey SO many times
I mean she's a great cousin and all but
just super overprotective you know?
I know what you mean
I was always telling her to include you
aww really ??
you know I just want to have a good time tonight
you wan-
song: sxwme by far east movement
wow they are pounding drinks
well you know what they say
nice guys finish drunk
what about nice girls?
what about nice girls?
hey we have struggles too
you know I've kinda always thought of it as girls doing all the rejecting
girls get friend zoned too ya know
we get overlooked
we struggle revealing our feelings
and we get rejected
all the time
you don't see us whining and lashing out
well if you need help on how to do that
number one whiner
so.. what are you going to do after graduation?
it's like a week away right?
um not sure yet
I think I'm going to go home for a little bit
and then I guess we'll see from there
do you still think you'll still keep in touch with Audrey?
you know
now that you mention that
I'm not so sure you should tell her I brought you out here tonight
excuse me
so sorry
excuse me
uh hey
did you see a tiny asian girl go in there by chance?
ten of them
oh thank god Sophie
are you looking for Sandra?
she just ran into the bathroom
oh sh!t
uh really?
is she ok?
what is she doing here? how did she even get in?
don't worry about it
can you please check on her?
everyone is still pretty upset that you cancelled our graduation photoshoot
I mean what happened?
not now sophie!
I invited Audrey when I saw Sandra was here
thanks a lot sophie
party time !!!!
Audrey !
hey hey
don't worry ok?
she's fine
stop Derek
what the f*ck were you thinking?
she's a freshman
her parents rely on ME to take care of her
what if she got arrested
I'm sorry ok?
we were just trying to have some fun
getting my little cousin hammered illegally is fun?
I got her tons of water and she's asleep at my friends booth
thank you so much
that is SO nice of you
hey don't mock me
you don't get to tell me what I can or can't do Derek
you've been talking about me behind my back
telling people I led you on
unfriended me
real mature
at the last minute
you cancelled our graduation photoshoot
which was super important to me and my friends
and on top of all this you go behind my back and take my cousin out!
ok and YOU'RE so perfect right?
you want me to list off every messed up thing you've done?
I don't even know why I liked you in the first place
you know
you say you don't wanna be a nice guy
that's fine
but you don't have to be an a$$hole
house always win dude
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Just Another Nice Guy - Part 2

9939 Folder Collection
蘇同聞 published on January 5, 2018    Woody Lai translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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