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Kerry Pharr: OK, folks. The next thing weíre going to show you is some defensive drills,
how to slip a punch, how to parry a punch, how to block a bunch, different techniques.
So weíve got Brian in the stance. Now the first punch that a boxer is generally going
to throw at you is going to be his jab. So heís going to stick the jab and if I just
tilt my head this way, this is called a slip. It slides right over my shoulder.
Now how do I know thatís coming? What I normally do is Iím watching a guyís chest and Iím
watching his shoulders. If he turns his shoulder this way, I know that a hook is coming.
Now he might feign something. Now I know I can watch by his shoulders and tell what heís
going to throw but anyway, heís going to throw a jab and Iím going to slip. Iím just
going to turn, basically turn this shoulder, this way and bend. Thatís all Iím doing,
just slipping that punch. So thatís how you slip the left jab. Slip.
Now I have my hands up, slip, and I will move this hand as I slip to cover my face just
in case I donít get it.
OK, then a puncher, if heís a right hand fighter, heís going to throw a combination.
Left jab, right hand, left hook, right hand. So it only stands to reason after he throws
the jab, heís going to throw the jab and I will slip that. The right hand is coming
right behind us. So heís going to throw a jab, right hand.
So I want to go slip here, slip outside. Slip here, slip outside. Another thing that I used
to do when I was a young man was boxing. Because I was so short, when he threw the jab, I would
slip. You see Iím slipping here. Iím over here. Then I would roll. I would roll and
I would come back with my hook.
So Iím going to slip. Iím going to slip this shot here. Iím going to roll it inside
and Iím going to throw my hook. Slip and Iím going to roll inside and Iím inside
for the shot but slipping, slip, and then the right hand comes. Iím slipping out here.
All right. So thatís how you slip a punch. He might throw a right hand and I slip out
here but you basically got to have the head ready to go and move the torso left to right.
Now, I call this a pick. Itís really called the parry. This is how you parry a punch.
Heís going to stick his left jab. Now when he sticks that left jab, if I do not slip
that jab, Iím going to get him full in the face with that jab. If I donít slip it, heís
going to hit me right in the face. So Iíve either got to slip that jab or I can parry
that jab.
Now stick the jab and the parry ñ move a little closer to me, Brian. The parry just
means that I push his ñ when he sticks his left hand out there, I just reach ever so
slightly and push his left hand off so that it doesnít hit me in the face.
Now let me show you how not to parry. If he starts to jab and I reach here ñ come on
over and hook behind that Brian. Hook. No, no. Iím going to stick out there. Now hook
off of that. If I stick my hand out here, all he has to do is hook. You do not want
to reach out here with the parry. When you parry a punch, when he throws a jab, you push
the jab right here.
OK, put a little weave on it. You push it just an inch or two over here because what
happens, anytime you reach out here, the fighter can pull the hand short, come around and hit
you with the hook. We can just go over this. So you want to parry this hand here, bring
the right hand back here. So the same thing. If he throws the right hand, I can pick it
here. I can catch it here. I can also catch it here, here. Another way is I can even catch
it with my right hand. So thereís a lot of ways you can do it.
Now, when he throws the right hand and if I move this hand here, Iíve got to be careful
because heís going to come with the hook. When he comes with the hook, what I want to
do is I can catch it here or I can ñ go ahead ñ turn into the shot and then come out and
throw a right hand. I can catch the hook, turn my weight into him, boom! Catch it here.
Do the same thing if he throws me a right hand and go back here and turn and go with
All right. Now as heís moving, letís say that Brian is moving to his left and all of
a sudden his opponent throws a right hand. Come to the left. All he has to do is drop
his hips and duck underneath that punch. Just duck underneath it and notice how he did a
very good professional move there. Notice that when he ducks underneath my right hand,
heís going to pivot out so that heís in a position to throw a right hand or left hook.
So here we go. Heís going to move to the left. I throw a right hand. He goes underneath
it and comes back with the right hand. Same thing. If heís moving this way, all he has
to do is dip underneath and he can get his right hand. Go again. See? Just duck underneath.
Duck underneath. Now come back in the way. Duck underneath. Duck underneath.
Now that is called bobbing and weaving. So what you can do as you slip, you slip this
way. You slip this way. If I slip to the right, Iím going outside the jab. If I slip to the
left, Iím going outside the right hand. But I can also, once I slip ñ this is bobbing
and then I come around and Iím weaving. So slip and come on through, Brian. Go ahead
and slip yourself, like slip outside my jab and then come on.
Weíre going to talk about slip, roll, slip and roll. Slip and roll through. Slip and
roll through. Thatís kind of bobbing and weaving. Bobbing is here, moving your head
side to side and then rolling. Moving here, moving here, up and down. [0:06:10] [Indiscernible]
Male Speaker: Brought it back [Phonetic].
Kerry Pharr: OK. One of the things that Muhammad Ali was so great at was he was tall and Iím
going to have Brian throw a jab and he would ñ Muhammad Ali would just kind of rock back.
As he would move his punch, he would rock away from the punch and have the ability to
come right back and throw something. If he throws a right hand, I can rock back. But
if I rock back, now watch. Heís going to throw a right hand and Iím going to rock
back and not roll my shoulder and he will hit me with that right hand. See?
Now what I want to do when I rock back, I want to roll that shoulder so that Iím protecting
myself from that there. So I can rock back from the jab, the right hand, either one,
and it puts you in the position. You rock back and when you rock back ñ Diamond Jim
MacDonald, a fighter that I used to work with who fought Michael Spinks for the light heavyweight
championship of the world was fantastic at this. He would stick his jab. He would rock
back, boom! Come on the top of the right hand. He knocked out a bunch of fighters with that
and had Michael Spinks hurt in the world championship fight just by rocking back and throwing that
right hand. [0:07:32]
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boxing how to slip punches

458 Folder Collection
Wing Yung Chan published on September 3, 2017
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