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Hi and welcome to LEGO Technic Designer Workshop.
My name is Jeppe and today I've brought two vehicles to show you, the two Pull-Backs.
This year, we actually made a theme, so this is a car chase.
We have the Police Interceptor and the Getaway Racer.
Today, I've brought a very special guest to the workshop.
I've actually broughts Lars, who's the designer of the two Pull-Back vehicles.
So, welcome to the workshop, Lars. These have Pull-Back motors. What's up with them? How did you build them in?
We built them in here in the rear end. So, when you pull it back a couple of times and release it, and then…
It drives really fast, that's obvious. So, what can you play with it?
Yeah, they can play against each other, so the Police Car can catch the Getaway Racer.
Well, how about, can you make stunts and stuff with it also?
Yeah, maybe you can build some ramps out of some books or anything you have in the room,
so you get more play value.
So, when you design a couple of models like this, what's the biggest challenge you faced?
The biggest challenge is when you have such a fast car,
when you hit a wall or chair or something in the room, it shouldn't fall apart.
So, it's very annoying if you have to assemble it again a number of times.
So, it should be very strong and locked in all directions.
That's really good to know if I want to build my own, that's important.
These are also themed up, so there's a Police Interceptor and a Getaway Racer.
So, I can race this and this one can follow. If we raced each other, who do you think would win?
The Police would always win.
OK, fair enough. So, Lars, could you just show me how you actually use the motors?
Yeah, you pull it back until it clicks, and then you can release.
That's the click? Then it's ready? OK, you want to race?
Yes, of course.
Ready! Go!
Lars actually brought something very special with him today. What's that?
It's a combi-model, where we build both motors in the same model, so we get a really, really powerful car.
Oh, so you combine the two models into this one.
So, you could actually build your own, a third version, if you wanted to.
Yes, of course. It's more fun if you build your own models.
So, thanks for stopping by, Lars, and thanks to you for watching.
See you in the next episode of LEGO Technic Designer Workshop.
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Getaway Racer & Police Interceptor - LEGO Technic - Designer Video

117 Folder Collection
kelbywu published on September 2, 2017
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