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You know, when something horrible happens in the world,
you'll see the rise of two types of people.
Number one: people who don't let fear divide them
and instead choose to come together.
And number two: racist idiots who don't deserve
an internet connection.
Here's the thing, right, I just don't like
when people are bad at things.
If you're gonna be racist, at least do it right.
Now look at this comment on my YouTube video.
Go back to your country, you terrorist Paki,
Afghan, Indian, Muslim slut.
Hashtag Make Americ Great Again.
Now I don't mean to discourage Merrick.
He seems like a great guy.
But your stupidity bothers me.
First and foremost, let's make education great again.
In fact...
(upbeat piano music)
Hello, and welcome.
We'll begin by taking attendance.
Are you here?
Of course you are.
YouTube comments are how you feel validated.
Today, we're going to be taking a trip around the world,
so you'll need to pack.
It's probably been years since you've had the chance
to use your passport, just like your penis.
But don't worry, this time,
you'll actually take off.
To go back to my foreign country, we'll need to fly
a long 45 minutes all the way back to Canada.
But I'm assuming you thought my country was somewhere else,
so let's fly across the world to the country
of PakiAfghanIndia.
India is all the way over here, across the ocean.
So unfortunately, you won't be able to drive your trailer there.
Oh covfefe.
Once you board your flight, settle in,
it's going to be a long journey.
But that's okay, you can take a good rest.
It must be so exhausting to walk
right through airport security.
The aircraft you're flying will probably be a double decker,
which means it'll have about 300 to 400 people on board,
which is approximately the same amount of people
at Trump's inauguration.
JK, that's an alternative fact.
But you're probably used to those, from watching so much Fox News.
Please note that we're not gonna fly through the Bermuda Triangle,
because things mysteriously disappear there.
In fact, that's probably where your education went.
We're going to fly across the Atlantic Ocean,
around Africa and through this passageway.
That's very narrow, just like your mind.
You may recognize some of these countries we're flying over
as places immigrants come from to steal your jobs.
Or just the same countries you steal oil from.
Once we reach our destination, you'll notice that India,
Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually three separate countries,
you silly American Aussie Brit.
When you land and are going through customs
and they ask for your occupation,
make sure you say trashcan,
and when they ask your date of birth, be sure to say 3000 BC
You effin caveman.
You'll notice right away that India is full of
beautiful sites and culture, and I know what
you're thinking, it probably smells like curry.
And you know what, you're right.
And it's delicious.
And although there are approximately 175 million
Muslims in India, there are approximately two billion
in the whole world, which means if every Muslim
was a terrorist, you wouldn't stand a goddam chance.
Good thing they're not.
Now that we're here, the good news is
your wife can save all that money
she spends at tanning salons
trying to look closer to my complexion.
Quick travel tip, if you're going to India,
they don't kill cows there, so there's no beef.
But don't worry, because if you kill anything,
it'll be considered mental illness.
So you're good.
I hope you've enjoyed this trip
to where you think I'm from.
And I promise, if I ever meet a genie,
all three of my wishes will be for you to get an atlas.
To be honest, whether I went back to my country of Pakistan, India or even Canada,
I don't see how that would benefit you
since my tax bracket helps pay for your kid's education.
You're welcome, Timothy.
Hello, I hope you enjoyed this video.
If you did, give it a big thumb's up.
If you believe that we should come together
in times of need and not let fear divide us,
give it a big thumb's up.
My last video's over there.
My second vlog channel's right over there,
and make sure you subscribe.
Because I make videos every Monday and Thursday,
One Love Superwoman.
That is a wrap, and zoop!
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A Geography Class for Racist People

10247 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on November 4, 2017    Tzu Ting Huang translated    Ann reviewed
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