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- [Female Speaker] One core trait in every dog is
its ever-forgiving nature.
That's probably the most valuable thing in a dog
and it's also its biggest pitfall because
we have dogs here who've been horribly hurt by
human beings and yet all they want to do
is find somebody else to love.
(upbeat music)
- [Narrator] Around the world strays, mutts
and street dogs are victims of stigma.
In Costa Rica, Lya Battle is trying to change that story.
She runs the Territorio de Zaguates
It's a lush haven for stray dogs to either be
adopted or live out the rest of their days.
- Territorio de Zaguates stands for land of the mutts.
My name's Lya Battle, better known as crazy dog lady,
I guess.
I started Territorio de Zaguates partly because
I've always loved animals, all animals.
But it wasn't in my plans, it wasn't like I set out
to do this.
The need for this, I think all over the world is
because there's a huge stigma around a dog
that doesn't have a breed.
They'll let mutts wander on the streets
or they'll actually toss them on the streets
because they're not breed dogs.
The solution isn't euthanizing a dog.
The solution is make sure it's not born in the first place.
Once it's here, do something good for it.
Find a home or if not at least offer him a place
where he can be in peace and happy.
- [Narrator] Keeping Territorio up and running
is no easy feat.
They eat $500 a day in food alone.
Lya has to work a full time job to keep all the dogs
fed and healthy.
- Territorio stays about partly through miracles,
I think.
Keeping this afloat is a huge task.
It's a labor of love.
You can't pay someone to care for an animal, truly,
to remember their names, to be gentle to them.
- [Narrator] While this place is a dog heaven, nothing
beats getting adopted by a loving family.
- [Lya] I say it's like kids at Kindergarten.
They love their friends at school, but oh,
they all want to go home to Mom and Dad.
(upbeat music) (barking)
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At This Sanctuary, All Dogs Are In Heaven

399 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 1, 2017
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