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I'm gonna teach you everything I know about
how to make a travel video.
You're going to need equipment.
Now, first of all, you're going to need a drone,
and don't expect just to buy one.
A gimbal
Glide cam
Some cameras
If you have any money left over,
you're gonna need to buy a plane ticket
to travel to your destination.
You wanna go somewhere aesthetically pleasing
where there's a lot going around.
Some of the best places are beaches,
abandoned buildings,
and cranes.
Just keep an eye out for security.
Next police, okay?
When you're at these locations,
you're going to need to get some key shots.
Now, it wouldn't be a travel film without these.
You have your dangling leg shot,
you have the dangling legs out of the helicopter,
slow motion of birds,
running into the distance,
hands brushing ferns,
the high-five.
That's just all filler for the main shots.
Now your main shots have to be epic.
This could include skydiving,
more backflips,
hot girls,
more hot girls,
and skydiving.
Did I say skydiving?
Now once you have all of your sick footage,
you're gonna need to take it into the editing suite.
Don't forget, you'll probably need a couple hard drives.
You're gonna have to choose a song.
Preferably some tropical house like Kaigo,
or you could go upbeat EDM like The Chainsmokers.
But not only that.
To be a travel filmer,
you have to be friends with these guys.
Every travel filmer is friends with The Chainsmokers.
Everyone except for me.
Or for a dramatic effect,
you could use cinematic music.
Do an inspirational voiceover.
Make sure you talk about quitting your 9 to 5 job
to pursue your passion.
And if you can't think of anything else,
just use Alan Watts.
"You can listen to all experiences,
because all experiences whatsoever are vibrations coming at you."
To tie your footage together,
there's some key transitions you need to do,
like the zoom in effect,
object wipe,
camera flip,
some dissolves,
and make sure to use sound effects.
This will really tie it all together,
like a big bass swoosh for example.
But that's not all.
You want to set your video apart from all the others.
You're gonna want to get creative with this.
This could be replacing the sky with timelapse,
or even outer space.
And remember that shot I was telling you about,
with the feet dangling out of the helicopter?
Well, if you don't have a helicopter,
just use a green screen and a drone shot.
It works just as well,
just make sure you put in the sound effects.
Don't expect to get much sleep this time.
Caffeine is going to be your best friend.
And while you're up at night,
you can take a Snapchat story,
and make sure you put a time stamp
to make sure you tell you friends how hard you work.
At the end of the video,
this is a great spot to put in vlog content.
You want to show the viewers what actually happens in real life.
We're gonna go to the Abbey Museum, but before we do that,
we're gonna walk past this person,
which is an exciting experience that everybody should be aware of,
cause that's what going on in my life right now.
This little piece of wood right here is illuminated
by the light coming from the ceiling.
That's exciting for all of the viewing audience.
Now that your video is done,
it's time to share it across all of your social media platforms.
If you want to be a good travel filmmaker,
you've gotta make sure you're killing it on your social media game.
Now when you release it, you could also do a giveaway.
For example, if you share this video with #andrewsantosinspired,
I'll pick a few random winners,
and give you an Instagram shoutout.
And make sure you end it with a question
so that users can comment below,
and tell them to like and subscribe,
and how much it really means to you,
and how much you appreciate it.
No, seriously. I really do appreciate it.
My name's Andrew Santos, and I'm a travel filmmaker.
Most of the footage you just saw
was actually from a 8-month trip
with the YouTube channel called "Global Degree."
I'm really excited about this project
and we're actually going to be putting a ton of episodes out for their season 3.
I just thought I'd do this video as a one-off video to poke fun
at all of the common trends I've been seeing in travel videos nowadays.
And, yeah! Let me know what you think.
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How to make a TRAVEL VIDEO

19145 Folder Collection
Jerry published on October 9, 2017    Jerry translated    Katharina Yang reviewed
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