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  • Don't be so sensitive!

  • All I'm saying is your friend Duane

  • can be kind of a douche.

  • You're calling my best friend a douche

  • and I'm not suppose to care?

  • I would never say something bad about

  • any of your friends.

  • Really?

  • On October 11, 2015,

  • you said Sabrina was so annoying,

  • that it made you grind your teeth.

  • I never said that!

  • Uhh, here we go .

  • Let's see, find the file.

  • Oh, here's the transcript.

  • Now, is there a video that accompanies this?

  • Ah, perfect. Thank you.

  • How does she always remember this sh*t?

  • It's like she always waits to bring things up at the perfect time.

  • I can never win an argument!

  • Women are like elephants.

  • They have extraordinary memories

  • capable of recalling the smallest of details.

  • The battle men face in relationships involves the ego.

  • Basically, if you can accept the fact

  • that you will always be wrong

  • in every argument you ever have with your girlfriend,


  • I can't do that.

  • Do you want to get laid again?

  • Babe, are you still mad at me?

  • I think I got something that can help us.

  • Aww, babe. This is so accurate.

  • Anyway, I'm sorry I said all those things about Sabrina.

  • Aww, thank you babe.

  • Well, you're sorry, too, right?

  • Awwww, hehe.

Don't be so sensitive!

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