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(cheerful music)
- So if you remember the
video from yesterday,

let's do a little recap on what happened.
It won't turn on.
Look at this.
The window won't even shut properly.
Nice way to welcome ourselves home.
Car won't start.
- Why?
That's awesome.
- Red-eye from Hawaii,
came in, well, now it's around 9:30 a.m.
On that same day, I
still haven't slept much,

I've got to drive to the airport
to meet the person so
that we can get the Tesla

towed back here to the house.
So that's what today is happening.
What happens when your Tesla dies?
Dies? Di-e-es.
Here's the tricky thing that they told me.
Every day, even though you're not using
the Tesla and it's just parked,
your Tesla uses 2-5% of its battery usage.
What? A gas car doesn't do that. (laughs)
If you have a gas car,
and it's parked at the
airport for 10 months,

you're still probably
gonna have pretty much

the exact same amount of gas
as what you had when you left.

But, no, for a Tesla.
We had 30 miles remaining four days ago,
and now it's completely dead.
Good lesson learned.
Now I get to pay 150 bucks
to get a tow truck to drive the car,
hopefully they can get it
out of the parking garage,

and get it back here to the house.
But the tricky thing is,
you have to get it into neutral,
and I can't even get the screen to work.
So there's supposed to be some trick
to get the smaller battery inside of it,
I don't know.
So let's go to the airport,
let's figure this thing out,

this is a first for me,
I don't know if the tow
driver understands Teslas

and how to get them going,
basically, like, rip off part of the car
and then charge the battery, I don't know.
So this is gonna be an
adventure, let's go.

(cheerful music)
All right, so here's the car.
Here's what they told me.
There is a regular car battery,
like a 12-volt battery just
like any other car in it,

and that's used to charge
all the other things

just like a regular car.
But, in order to get to it, he said,
"You have to peel this off."
This is supposed to just like come off.
I don't want to pull that off.
(cell phone rings)
Oh, someone's calling.
Must be the tow-truck guys.
Tow truck is here, they called,
said they're coming down B right now.
I don't see it anywhere.
Guys, zero power, zero power.
Oh, I'm getting on! Here we go!
Front truck, yes!
I'm just going to open the
charge port while we're here.

How do we, let's see how
we get into this thing.

It's a mystery.
- [Tow-Truck Guy] He's
filming me on my first--

- I won't show your face.
Nobody will know it's you!
This is a new experience for us.
The guy's like, yeah, just
pop off the front thing.

- [Tow-Truck Guy] Yeah, cause
that seems so easy to do.

- I'm like, really, you're
going to take the whole

like batshit off the
front, thing off of it?

So I just watched the YouTube video
on how to do this, on how
to take the black cover off,

and neither one of, me or the
tow guy, could get it off.

I mean, I'm not very
capable of fixing stuff

so I'm not surprised about
me, but he couldn't get it.

This is a Tesla-approved tow company,
so I'm a little disappointed
they don't know how to
get it off of there,

but it is tricky, super tricky.
Like it feels like we're
about to break the thing,

so he's going to try to just
back up and like pull it out.

I don't know what else
our options are here.

I don't like this very much.
I don't know, man.
Just kind of a pain.
Teslas, we're learning
new things everyday.

All right, I don't know
how he's going get it,

but that Ford truck is in the way,
so it's gonna be tight.
(throbbing electronic music)
Looking good, look at that!
Wheels off the ground, that's a good sign.
Progress here, the tricky
part is this truck.

He doesn't want to hit the Tundra
so he's got to be careful.
So tight.
Pretty good right there.
Pretty good.
Pretty good.
Look at that.
Look how tight that is.
Goodbye, Tesla, goodbye.
He did it, he got it outta that spot.
That's a miracle.
That's a job I do not want.
Really good, nice work!
They put it on these four wheels
so that it can just roll on along.
Dang, this is intense.
My respect for tow-truck
drivers worldwide.

This is a tough one.
There she goes.
The Tesla adventure continues.
What it's like to own a Tesla.
We're learning all kinds of new things,
I'm bringing it all to
you guys on the blog.

This is like our fourth
or fifth Tesla video.

Just keeps getting more and
more interesting every time.

They put her on a different truck.
Now they're just gonna
back it into the garage.

Slide it on in.
And I can charge it with
this cord right here.

We should be set.
Oh, there's the front thing.
Well, you know how to take it off!
- [Tow-Truck Guy] Yeah, most
people are scared of it.

- How'd you do it?
- You just have to know where to pry them.
- Oh, man!
- They're just held with a body clip.
- There it is, that's what she looks like
with no cover on the front!
He's going to try to
jump-start the battery,

I guess, and then I'm gonna
try to put it in neutral.

We made it, you're awesome!
(cheerful music drowns out other sounds)
I know, it's so dead that it
just does the weird flashing.

Yeah, this is what she needed.
This little guy right here.
Get in there!
Now it doesn't want to go in.
This thing is so mad at me.
Just take it!
You know you want it.
You know you want it, car!
It did it, it took it, it's green.
Look how dirty it is now.
Aww, all that dirt.
I'm (mumbles) sad.
I got some sleep, I'm feeling better,
but later in the day I've
been playing with this.

Here's what you do!
For all those Tesla
owners that are wondering

how you take it off,
I finally figured it out.
So, this is the panel that comes off,
right under here there's a
lip and right under there.

If you pull up on that,
it pinches it in a way that comes off.
Yeah, see that?
Now watch this.
Then I pull right here,
you gotta pull hard,
ta-da, I'm so handy, look at me.
So you can see where
you connect the battery,

the red and the black.
So if you look under here,
you can see that little hinge
right there and right there,

there's one in the middle,
and there're the ones on the other side.
So it just connects
right here, right here,
right there, right there.

The newer Teslas, they don't
have that problem anymore

because they have a different grill.
I'm really curious how you
would do it on the newer Teslas.

I don't really know,
but someday we'll find out
when we get a new Tesla.

Okay, we're set, we're all connected!
Tomorrow we have some
really fun things happening.

That's the end of Mr. Tesla vlog video,
but if you want to see the playlist
of all of our Tesla videos,
you can look on it somewhere around here,
and get ready for a fun travel adventure.
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My TESLA battery DIED!!!

139 Folder Collection
kinhuabin published on August 29, 2017
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