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- What's up everybody.
That's right, we're
getting rid of our Tesla,

this great Tesla.
We've had it for almost
two years and it is time

so I want to explain a little bit
why we're getting rid of it.
So to give you a little bit of history
we've been wanting a Tesla for probably,
I don't know ever since they ever came out
but realistically for the
last four or five years

we've said "We're getting a Tesla."
But, we are very very
thrifty and we save our money

and we try not to spend
it on expensive things

and so when the first Teslas came out
we were like, that's
really really expensive,

let's wait to get a used
one and we should be able

to get a good deal on it.
I got brand new rims
on it so those are like

really really good quality.
We painted the calipers red if
you remember from that video.

I love the gray.
Inside the leather is also gray,
got a little laundry in there.
It is a Model S, the license
plate even says inside.

P85 is the type.
In the back we have the bucket seats.
I don't know if you guys
know there's bucket seats

in some of these Teslas.
It's an upgrade option.
We wanted it because we have three kids
and if we can get two of
them in the back seat,

one in the very back, they're
not touching each other

and they're happy or we could
fit multiple kids in there.

It's like an SUV but a cool lookin' SUV.
We bought this car for around $60,000.
The sticker prices was $122,000
from the person that originally bought it
so basically I got half off for
a car that's a few years old

and it's pretty dang nice.
So why are we getting rid of it,
what are some of the reasons?
And I hope this is helpful for all of you
that are thinking of buying a used Tesla,
you can learn from us and maybe
not make the same mistakes

and then even if you paid a
little bit more on your car

you'll be happy and safer with it
because honestly this car
has gotten to the point

where it is not safe for
our family to drive in.

I'm dead serious like it's not safe.
So here's what I mean by that.
Take a look at these tires.
We bought them nine months ago,
they're in good shape,
they're pretty good.

Now if you look at the back tires,
not quite the same, see
that white right there?

That is the actual treads so yes
the treads of the tire
are showing on the back.

These tires are eight months old.
They should've lasted much
much longer than that,

so a couple of reasons
why that's happening.

One, our tire sensors went
out for a little while

so the tires would spin a little bit more.
We went to the Tesla service station
about the spinning tires,
about the tire sensors.

They said they know, it's a known recall.
It's something that is gonna take like
a couple of months for them to get in.
It did, it took about four months.
Finally we were able to get this in.
We got the sensors fixed
but during that time

even when we weren't trying
to drive super super fast

which yes, I do drive fast sometimes,
but we weren't trying to,
it would spin the tires

and so the wear was really fast.
So here's the deal.
The 2012, 2013 Model S
cars were rear-wheel drive.

This is a problem, like
whenever we go on road trips

or whenever we're driving
and it starts raining,

not just snow but whenever
it starts raining,

the back end slips out
and it's super scary.

We've almost crashed it into the wall
or another car so many times.
One time we were 30
minutes away from our home,

we had to pull over and get a hotel
and there was only about two
inches of snow on the ground.

The risk of crashing, I know
this is a very very safe car

but I've never actually been
in a car accident before

and the risk of crashing
with my family and my kids

in the car is just not
something that's worth it.

So what I would say is if you're looking
for a Tesla Model S and you're
looking for a discounted one

get one with all-wheel drive.
Stay away from the rear-wheel drive Teslas
because it's just not worth your safety.
Maybe if you live in like
Arizona and it rarely rains

and when it does rain
you're very very cautious

and you maybe don't drive
in it, you'll be okay.

But if you live anywhere
where there's ice or snow

this is not the car for you.
It is super super dangerous and scary
and I would imagine, I'm no Tesla expert,
but I would imagine that's why pretty much
all the cars these days for
Tesla are all-wheel drive.

Not just 'cause it goes
faster because all four tires

grip at the same time but
because there is so much

torque and so much power that
if you have that spread out

among four tires you're
more likely to stay safe.

The second thing and
this is something that

is super super small but
something I didn't like about it.

This guy right here, this front
fascia, they've changed it.

Now it's all the same color
and they don't have this.

If you saw from one of our previous videos
where our Tesla battery
died we had to take this off

and it was a pain to try to
figure out how to take off.

The more and more of the
newer cars that come out

that don't have this front plaque fascia,
the more outdated these older
versions are going to look.

Let's talk about range on this car.
This car gets you pretty much
everywhere you need to go.

We've taken it on a couple of road trips
all the way from Utah to Los Angeles
and we had to stop multiple times.
This Tesla's range with the battery
is around 258 miles per charge.
If I were to do it again
I would get a newer car

with a bigger battery so I
could get closer to 300 miles

on the range for the car because
what those extra 50 miles
really make a difference

when you're on a road trip.
So I'm not 100% sure what
we're gonna replace this with

but I do know that we
need to get rid of it

and it's super sad.
My wife especially is
really sad, it's her car.

She feels like a very cute
Mom when she's driving this

and when there's no kids in the car
she doesn't even feel like a Mom,
she just feels like a cute
girl that has her nice car.

So for all of you that are
considering getting a Model S,

a used one, I hope this video is helpful
so that I'm not saying
don't get the 2012, 2013.

I'm just saying have a pause.
Make sure that it's the right car for you
and you're ready to live
with the rear-wheel drive

and the slower, the lower battery range.
If you're willing to
deal with those things

go ahead and get it, but
for us and our family

it's just not something worth considering
and I did not know that
before about this car

so I thought that it'd be super helpful.
Hopefully somebody that's watching,
that's why we're getting rid of our Tesla.
(upbeat instrumental music)
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Getting rid of our Tesla

156 Folder Collection
kinhuabin published on August 29, 2017
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