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  • Octopus populations have been booming in the past 60 years to the point where some marine

  • biologists even call them "the weeds of the sea."

  • Their main purpose in life is to breed and make babies, but the way they do that is real

  • weird.

  • Check out this Facebook video we made to

  • see how... octopuses? Do the dirty.

  • The octopus has 8 tentacles

  • And in the male, one of those tentacles is also

  • a penis, well, sort of

  • This is the hectocotylus

  • A specialized mating arm, with a groove that runs along tentacle

  • carrying packets of sperm to be distributed from the tip

  • Should that special moment arrive

  • Most octopuses live solitary, antisocial lives,

  • hunting and scavenging for food along ocean floor.

  • However, when the time arises, they mate in a very intimate way.

  • The male must deposit its sperm into a hole in the female's mantle

  • a hole that she uses to breathe and expel waste

  • Or as Aristotle romantically described: "the Nostril of the Female."

  • In a vast and sparse ocean, the opportunity to procreate is rare

  • and for most octopus species, it will be the last thing they ever do

  • because for male octopuses, the prospect of mating is a dangerous one.

  • You see, the female is often larger, hungrier, oh, and cannibal

  • So, in order to protect himself, he must make a careful and considered approach

  • For longer armed octopuses, the move of choice is The Reach

  • To keep their distance from the cannibal female

  • the male will stretch his mating arm as long as possible,

  • keeping the distance while he copulates.

  • Some species will even wait until the female is foraging for food

  • and therefore too preoccupied to eat them

  • And some species have evolved beyond "the reach"

  • More cautious males will simply detach their mating arm and give them to the female.

  • The hectocotylus will stay intact in the female's mantle until the female is ready for fertilization

  • Once the copulation is complete, the octopuses' life mission is complete

  • Both male and female will experience a dementia-like state of being after mating called: senescence.

  • The male will experience this alone.

  • They do not eat or return to their dens, and will eventually die from their weakened state.

  • The female will devote the rest of her days to her eggs

  • ensuring that her thousands of offspring hatch before dying of exhaustion.

  • This unconventional courtship will create 56,000 eggs.

  • And because the yield is stable, only 2 will survive to maturity

  • Pretty crazy right? Those poor little guys. If you

  • wanna know more about how animals get it on, check out our seriesWild Sexon Seeker’s

  • Facebook page, Seeker Media.

  • In the meantime, if youre curious what happened after ancient humans and neanderthals

  • had sex, watch this video here.

  • Are there any other weird animals you want to know more about?

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Octopus populations have been booming in the past 60 years to the point where some marine

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Sticking a Penis Into a Nostril: The Wild Story of Octopus Sex

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