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everybody it's matt from eastwood
company we're at SEMA 2014

and when you're walking around you see a
lot of muscle cars and things you see

every single year when you walk by this
booth this is something you really got

to take it a double take
this thing is really cool with jim from
stone-cold customs next lesson let's

check it out tom
tell us a little bit of history behind
this this a regular Jeep that we have

and this is my mom's 1972 right hand
drive postal g and she retired with four

years of service from the post office
she probably used in 20 years of her
career on our mail

we decided to build it for her that's
awesome so this is the actual one that

she was driving around delivered now yes
or most of it and most of it's still

there you know that
so obviously this have been some big
changes to it didn't sit this low and

she was driving around with
well what are some of the big changes
you guys did to it and got a complete

handle chassis on air ride the bodies
all been him

hold on and stretch the body four inches
all the floors been rebuild everything

is handmade
a lot of hours to metal work on it and
that the roof

you know obviously she had a little more
Headroom than that a really annoying

yes we chopped it five inches ok and
then took it

click the five inches right through the
glass and put new locks and windows and

so little less head room but it still
works there was a lot of rest in the

floors and just cut everything out and
used a lot Eastwood products to replace

all that the drinkers and in structures
make it

and training tunnel and most of the pole
so all the fasteners for me food on
I'm holding the body together
in this form
right so the quick owes everything to
hold the roof together yes sir yeah

there's are probably pretty pretty
important when you trying to get

everything Sara him
cycle it has a 383 stroker in it
about 400 horse so with the turbo 400 so
it should have enough power to do

yeah did you surprised or was she know
that process along the way she she knew

it was happening and we surprised her
saturday morning before semen

and brought it to the shop to see here

so she is very pleased get there
it's also so she's gonna get the cruise
around a little bit when you get back

yeah we'll take her for a ride at that
that's awesome I can't wait for
everybody to see this thing is is that

definitely stands out just what sparked
the Sun next to something like this it's

almost walked past it because it's it's
own are low but man that thing's really

next let's check it out I appreciate it
thank you very much

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Custom '72 Postal Jeep Truck - Stone Cold Customs SEMA 2014 - Eastwood

94 Folder Collection
rihrong published on August 27, 2017
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