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Hey guys today's video is going to be about all those
Inspirational sayings and inspirational quotes that we've all come to know and love and I'm not talking about all of them
I'm just talking about the really overdone ones or the ones that are just plain stupid and just to be clear
I have no problem with people who will try to inspire others. I think that's great. That's one of the many reasons
why I
still do YouTube I'm all for deeper meanings like I love when things actually make you have to think but then there's the ones that are
Just trying way too hard to be inspirational
it's those quotes that are just so cheesy and just not real and they're
Constantly posting about them whether it's to remind themselves
Or to try and inspire the rest of us we've all seen the posts you know you're scrolling down your Instagram feed
and suddenly only some girl pulls this picture with a caption of nice-looking pet I
I did- I just caught myself- sorry young girls and guys I got to be a little PC here
I know guys that post those things as well, you know
I'm just trying to be real here usually more girls that I've seen personally that I don't presume say that either
There's a 50/50 exactly equal amount of guys and girls that post these things all right. It's not the point
I don't know why I'm making that point the point is I am a horrible person okay, and I have a horrible mind
It doesn't let me get inspired by these things when I know how hard someone is trying to make an inspirational pole or trying to
Be serious and inspiring I can't help but be realistic and make them a little less serious
Sorry in advance.
*Reads screen in idiot voice*
*bird pooping*
Quote: The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.
If the meaning of life is to give life a meaning, you kind of just did that for us!
Now didn't you? You already gave life a meaning!
So I guess life is meaningless because you already defined it!
Quote: You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.
And how is this one even Inspirational?
You can't make a shot if you don't take it, that's like stating the obvious!
Think about that.
*amazing burp*
-Did you ask her out?
-Nah, man I chickened out.
-You know, you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take.
-No, I didn't miss the shot! I just didn't take it.
-No what it means is you can't make the shot, if you don't take the shot.
-Well that's like pointing out the obvious!
-That's like saying if you don't take the bus, you can't take the bus.
-Or, how you would put it, you miss a hundred percent of the buses you don't take.
wow... that... is...
Genius! It's like mind blowing!
Quote: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.
I think I can fly and I think I can't die!
I must be right!
Quote: It's not the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away!
*can't breathe*
*wtf noise*
(It's people coughing, I give up trying to caption it properly!)
I can't breath
Quote: Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.
So we're just making puns now? Well in that case:
Tomorrow is going to be a chore... That's why they call it the few-chore
Yesterday was so awful, you wish you could have just skipped it! That's why they call it the pass
The next seven days are just going to suck all the energy out of you... That's why they call it a weak. (week? get it)
Quote: You cannot save people, you can only love them
Well, I guess, but don't tell that to a firefighter or a lifeguard
*splashes of a man desperately trying to be convincing that he is actually drowning accompanied by rambling that is often cut midways through a sentence*
You over there!
Help me...
Love you
Quote: Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
This one is not even inspiring if you think about it. Like the beginning part is good
It's like shoot for the moon go for it
And I agree the next part is... is actually if you think about it, really stupid
It's not inspiring at all! It's saying: Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you know at least you got the stars.
That's like telling a kid: Hey go for your goals even if you don't make it, well you know good enough
You know what, I'm just gonna quit my job.
I'm going to quit my job, move to Hollywood and pursue my true passion of becoming a Oscar award-winning actor!
Because even if I miss...
I'll still land among the stars.
Well at least I've still got my oscar.
Quote: We have to look through the rain to see the rainbow
I grew up in Hawaii
You don't need to look through the rain to see a rainbow!
You can go to Yosemite and see a double rainbow without any rain.
The fact that you're even encouraging people to see the rain!
You're putting a negative... that you're putting rain there, and rain is great.
Who says rain is a bad thing. Rain helped create the rainbow.
Quote: You have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince.
This one is so dumb.
I disagree.
-So you dumped another one huh?
-Yeah. Gotta kiss a lot of frogs first, before you meet your prince.
-Nope, even if you do find your prince you think he's gonna want to be with a serial frog kisser?
-Obviously not real frogs you gotta a kiss a bunch of gross guys first?
-And that's better, how?
Quote: When life gives you lemons make Lemonade.
I forgot the sugar!
Lemonade is not just made of lemons. It's barely lemons!
It's mostly water and sugar. Life's not gonna give us that!
That's like telling somebody: Hey you have this crappy situation (Lemons)
Now make it better (Lemonade) Without offering them any water or sugar (The Help)
It's like hey you just got fired?
Go and make lemonade and get an even better job.
Except there's no jobs available and even if there were, I mean let's be real you just got fired! No, one's gonna hire you.
You know what that sound inspirational:
No one wants to hire, the guy that just got fired.
Or girl that just got fired.
It takes more muscles to frown, than it does to smile.
-Hey, you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile right?
-Right, okay and?
-Well maybe you should smile more because you know it's easier.
-Wow, I thought you were supposed to be inspirational. You want me to take the easy way out?
-No, I was just tryna... I'm just trying to say that...
Quote: You'll find love when you stop looking
That's like somebody saying
Hey I've been looking for waddle my whole life can't find him I guess I'll put the book away and not look!
Maybe that way, I'll find him.
-I just can't figure it out. I stopped looking years ago, and I still can't find love.
-Hey I'm sorry, I couldn't help but overhear but I was thinking maybe one day you and I could grab some...
-I'm sorry I'm just gonna stop you right there. I'm not looking right now.
Okay, then...
-See I just don't get it man!
Quote: Live every day like it's your last
This is the worst thing you can preach to kids and I heard this as a kid growing up all the time.
This is so irresponsible! The reason why people take care of themselves and they behave and they fall in love is is for their future
It's not for that day
-Hey what's up man?
-Dude what the hell happened?
-Well if you refer to all this
Yesterday I was on my way to spend all my life savings at the mall and when I got there, other than just parking in the hot sun,
I just rammed my car to the front doors,
kinda ran over a few people.

-That's when the cops showed up and get this
I recognized one! It was that one bastard that gave me a ticket a couple of month ago!
So I just walked up to him and just punched him in the face, got tackled and now I'm here!
-What are you crazy? You just ruined your life!
-No no, it's fine because yesterday was my last day. Oh, and so is today! You know what I'm just going to drop the soap
I don't even care I'm not scared.
Quote: Love what you do. Do what you love.
How profound! How... how brilliant?!
It's literally saying the same thing twice! The only way that this quote is remotely useful is in math!
The transitive property.
You can also say: Eat what makes you full. Be full from what you eat.
Enjoy where you live. Live where you enjoy living.
One plus two equals three. (1+2=3)
Three equals two plus one. (3=2+1)
Always look on the bright side this one's not that stupid
It's just they shouldn't have put the word always in there. You can't always look on the bright side
I mean you can but that's delusion. I just found out my girls pregnant. What are we gonna do like it's Gonna Ruin us
Hey, come on. Don't think like that. I mean
I love her and I think she's the one but I just don't think we're ready to be parents yet
Hey, look on the bright side. You're right, this is a gift- you don't even know if it's yours yet
I mean she did kiss a lot of frogs before you, you know looks money doesn't buy happiness
Last but not least this one is actually one of my favorite and the perfect example to use because it's the one that everybody usually
Agrees with everybody grew up with this this quote being told to them
In one way or another whether it's literally a teacher or parents saying that to you or an
inspirational video or you saw the lesson on some Disney show. According to shows, according to everybody else money is the root of all evIl and
Although again, I agree with this one to a certain degree
I know it sounds bad, but does it make you that bad of a person to be realistic for a change? What's wrong?
Just found out my grandma is dead. What what you saw yesterday? She passed away last night
No, she's still alive, but she's in the hospital right now
She requires a very very expensive surgery and I can't afford it. Can barely afford rent. Let alone the food on the table
You know what if you took out a loan or something. We're already paying off a bunch of loans I guy
I don't know what to do. All my life is over her life is over
Maybe not what you're not Gonna believe this
But I magically found this at the end of a rainbow and it's filled with money
And I really feel like you need it a lot more than me, so here
Are you serious? Take it, I'm sure it's enough to like pay for the surgery, food for a year, rent, your loans, whatever
You're serious. You're going to give this to me? Yeah, like whatever will make you happy man
Wow, I don't know what to say other than what the hell is your problem? what? how is this supposed to make me happier?
Okay, money does not buy happiness
No, that's supposed to be for your grandma's bills! I just told you how horrible my life is right now
And you're going to go bring me this? the root of all evil?
No, yeah, like I said, I'm a horrible person, If you didn't get that by now anyway, obviously. I exaggerated these examples a little bit
You know for the video my point remains the same hopefully you picked up on it. It's great to be inspired every once in a while
we all need that, but you can't live by these cheesy quotes that sound perfect or expect to follow them all the time and maybe I
Could be wrong
Maybe there are people that actually do live by them all the time
but I
Personally think that if you really think you're living your life perfectly you're lying to yourself because as nice as these things might sound nobody
Can live perfectly and everybody goes through highs and lows, you just have to be realistic. It's fine
If you don't live every single day like it's your last or to the fullest because you're not wasting your time sometimes people like to
Chill my last day would still be probably staying at home watching Netflix, and it might be a waste of time
But I enjoy it and no money does not buy true happiness, but must be realistic here
and I'll use this one as the example cuz it's the last one that you seen and it's you know that you just
Understand I actually find the realistic quotes. You know in response the cheesy ones to be more inspiring
There's that realistic meme that says you know money does not buy happiness
But I'd rather be crying in a ferrari with a million dollar home rather than living on the street
Yeah, it doesn't sound nice or inspirational
But at least it's true and to be honest that
actually inspired me more because it makes me appreciate what I'm fortunate enough to have if you actually have money and you live by the
Others saying money does not buy happiness you're taking for granted what you're fortunate enough to have like something that would actually bring a lot
Of happiness to other people who really need it right now
And I know this all might sound horrible and the opposite of what you want to say just trying to inspire someone
But you know I'm not trying to sound like a douche or a dick. I'm just being realistic. I'm being real this dick
Sorry, I really I'm starting to sound a dick, but you know what no
I think I'm just being honest in fact I am going to be the inspiring one right now
But in the honest way, I've been thinking for a while on that in order to be truly
Happy you do have to be a dick sometimes
Got to upset other people. I know from personal experience that if you're always trying to please others that defeats the whole purpose of life this
This is your life! sometimes it's okay to be a dick and be a little selfish in fact some of the happiest people are dicks
Think about it:
This is literally the best cake I've ever had. Seriously that was awesome
There's one last slice left so... Nah, you guys go ahead
No, no, no I already had a slice where should a minute to the birthday. I mean, I had the biggest slice I could impossible ticket
Well, Greg should have it, it's his birthday
I mean, I had the biggest slice, I couldn't possibly-
I'll take it!
Omg, this really is that good, this is my fourth slice already (eating)
You get the point to see sometimes you got to be a dick that could be the start of my realistic inspirational quote line
Thing right next to the money can buy you happiness mean in fact those two can go together money can't buy you happiness
Money is happiness because if you have money
Money makes you rich and rich is a short for Richard and as we all know the nickname for Richard is dick proving that in order
To have happiness sometimes you got to be a dick and piss people off because like I always quote starting today. They can't have happiness
without the penis hey
Okay, okay
I know I already have to add this part in. To all the people that I might have offended by
saying the word dick or penis too much at the end there and also now let me just go ahead and make things right and
just say
vagina yeah Gender equality
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Stupid Inspirational Sayings!

227 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on August 26, 2017
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