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Today I am going to show you 6 exercises which helped me to restore my vision. In the past i used wear glasses
but because of the "The program for Better Vision" by Martin Sussman I managed to restore my vision in about 8 weeks
doing these exercises daily.
First exercise is called Near-To-Far Shifting
Here you could see me training my right eye. As you see in the video I put my thumb in front of my eye. And How I do this exercise?
First I focus my eyesight on my thumb, counting till 10 and then I shift my eyesight towards Far-distance point in my case is the peak of that white snowy mountain.
I concentrate my eyesight on the peak of the mountain, count till 10, and then I shift the focus of my eyesight towards my thumb.
I repeat this process 15 times with my right eye. Then 15 times with my left eye and then 20 with my both eyes. In total will be 50 times.
When you do this exercise with both eyes, it's normal see to thumbs when you focus on far distant point.
And when you concentrate on your thumb it's normal to observe 2 far distant points (in my case 2 peaks of the Mountain).
Notice that the sun is behind me. Very important to have the sun behind you.
The purpouses of this exercise are: -To regain flexibility in the muscles that control the movements of your eyes.
-To improve eye coordination so that your eyes follow the focusing directions from your mind.
-To develop a balanced use of your eyes. -To increase your peripheral awareness.
So here you could see how I do this exercise. Right now I am counting till 10, looking at my thumb and then… after that I am concentrating on far-distant-point, counting till 10
then I concentrate on my thumb after that I shift my vision towards the far distant point (in this case the snowy peak of the mountain).
Second Exercise is called Palming PALMING is an excellent exercise to relax your eyes and soothe your mind.
Like in the clip place your cupped palms over your closed eyes, and not your fingers. Make sure your palms are warm enougth
else briskly rub your palms together until they feel warm.
Make sure there is no contact between your palms and your closed eyelids. Do not create unnecessary pressure on your face.
What to watch for: If you see sparks, dots of light, or patterns of color, these are signs that you are releasing mental strain and nervous tension.
On other hand. Seeing blackness with your eyes closed indicates relaxation. As your eyes become more and more relaxed, the black will appear even more black.
Do this for 2 minutes, 5 times. Purpose of this exercise is: To relax tired or strained eyes and restore peace and quiet to your mind.
Another exercise is called Solarization. I personally like very much this exercise it's my favorite. When I am doing it I feel a lot pleasure in my eyes.
This exercise relaxes your eyes also it gives a big impulse to your eyes for clear vision.
When you'll open your eyes the world for a second or two will become clearer.
How can you do it? First you have to look towards the sun.
Then With the sun full on your face and with your eyes closed, roll the ball of sun over your closed eyes like in the clip.
After 2 min open your eyes and look around and not towards the sun.
Do this exercise from 8 till 10 am and from 4 till 7 pm. (these are the safe hours when the sun is not dangerous and not very strong)
Do it daily 5 times for 2 min each.
Next exercise for relaxation is Swinging It relaxes your eyes and body and helps re-develop the easy, natural movement of your eyes.
Like in the clip Begin swinging your body from side to side, keeping your spine straight.
Let your eyes move freely and easily, following a line of sight parallel to the floor.
Do not “try to see” anything. Notice the motion, but let the world go by. Do it 100 times in 5 min
Next exercise for relaxation is Head Rolls Relaxes your neck, head and face movements and reduces shoulder tension.
Neck and shoulders are two areas that can block clear vision.
Gently rotate your head and don't force any movements. Do it 6 times (in each direction) 2 min at least.
Staggering like swinging relaxes your eyes and body helps to develop the easy, and natural movement of your eyes.
With your legs shoulder wide apart stagger yourself letting your eyes see freely.
Do not try to see anything just relax. Do it 50 times in 5 min time.
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How I cured my Myopia in 8 weeks using Eye Execises of Bates Method

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Burt Forster published on August 25, 2017
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