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You know all those TED-Ed videos you love?
The beautiful animations that help you learn new things?
That experience is free for you, but it's really expensive for us,
and that's okay.
Our mission is to invest in thoughtful people,
but we need some of you to invest in us.
Because the love you've shown TED-Ed
has already empowered millions of young people around the world.
And if you coupled that love with a small monthly donation on Patreon,
the TED-Ed experience could empower billions.
"If I could describe the TED-Ed experience in one word, exhilarating."
Oh, that's two words, technically, but one word if you put a hyphen: eye-opening."
TED-Ed animations, which are written by educators,
are already being viewed by over 2 million learners a day.
"When I came across TED-Ed, it was like, 'This is it, this works'"
With your support,
we could engage more animators to work with more teachers,
and we'd be able to dub our content into multiple languages.
"My mind just went poof right when I saw it."
We'd also use your investment to grow our student voice program, TED-Ed Clubs,
which teaches students how to present their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.
Thousands of clubs have formed in over 120 countries.
Help us invite a generation of young people to TED's main stage.
"When you turn stuff over to students and you give them that agency and authority,
it's so much better because it's them."
"Thank you."
"I was like there's something for me to start."
"If you want to support young people,
you want to support educators in your country,
this is the sort of program,
or this is the model that we really should all be looking at
when it comes to making that change in the world."
Check out our Patreon perks. and thanks for your support!
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【TED-Ed】is on Patreon! We need your help to revolutionize education...

9584 Folder Collection
A1m4y6 published on November 13, 2017
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