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7 Of The Rarest and Most Unique Cars!
Welcome to Interestingtop7s, on our previous vehicles videos we smashed a like goal of
over 3,000 likes!
If we can break 2,000 likes on this video, we will put out an all new video about more
epic vehicles!
With that said, lets get started!
You don't have to be a grease monkey to appreciate a good car - but in the veritable sea of 4-wheel
chariots, some shine a bit brighter than the others.
It can be a little difficult to TRULY rank the "rarest" cars of all time - with so many
variables like price, availability, design, age, manufacturing details and more - Rather
than attempt to classify these rare whips into just one defining detail - let's take
a look at some of their badass features that warrant the limited availability.
From classic motors to futuristic beauties - to the nearly unobtainable - today, let's
take a look at the seven rarest cars of all time.
Number seven - the Camaro ZL1.
The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe is often considered the "mother of all Camaros" by
discerning racers and collectors alike.
The ZL1's million dollar price tag comes for a couple of reasons: first, it's the last
model year of the very first generation of Camaros produced (that is, from 1967-1969).
Secondly, it had a wildly low total production run of only 69 cars - giving this classic
muscle car one more reason to justify that insane sticker price.
With unique designs (including an engine bay built to accommodate a wide array of different
engine types) and rear-wheel drive, it's no wonder why this is an auto auction and car
show mainstay - just make sure you check your bank account before bidding.
Number six - the Tucker 48.
Due to a widely publicized stock fraud scandal and a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation,
the news and general public favor doomed this Preston Tucker conceived vehicle after only
51 cars were produced (between 1947 and 1948).
Although the notorious legal battles were directly responsible for the closure of Chicago-based
Tucker Car Corporation's in 1949 - he (and his company) were later acquitted, but the
damage had already been done.
Often selling for well over $1 million dollars, this interesting "could've-been" story is
immortalized in the 1988 movie, Tucker: The Man And His Dream.
Number five - the Aston Martin Bulldog.
No - you're not looking at a photo of the original DeLorean - even though at first glance
it looks like a dead ringer for the car popularized by the Back To The Future film franchise.
What you're seeing is the incredibly rare Aston Martin-built one-off testbed vehicle,
named The Bulldog, manufactured in Britain back in 1979.
Although the company initially planned to manufacture a limited run of 25, only a single
one made it out of the assembly line.
With a nickname that referenced Doctor Who, this 15 foot (or 4.5m) by 3 foot spaceship
was built to be driven left-handed - but its futuristic components inside (not to mention
the top speed of 190 miles per hour) are the primary reasons it was last purchased for
$1.3 million dollars.
Number four - the Talbot T26.
First displayed in public back in October of 1947 - the Talbot Lago Grand Sport T26
looks like something straight out of an old detective noir film.
However, this gorgeous piece of vehicular nostalgia is more than just delightful art
deco - only 12 were made in 1948, which was also the models' inaugural full year of production.
Talbot, as a manufacturer, began in 1903 as a standalone company - however due to a multitude
of ownership transfers, changes in direction and focus (and even a production halt from
1960 to 1978), these sleek road trophies come with an estimated $2.5 million worth that
excited collectors have more than happily doled out.
We gotta say - this 40s throwback is worth the price if you've got the means.
Number three - the Oldsmobile F-88.
Technically categorized as a "dream car", the 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 was created by the
American manufacturer using initial sketches made by Bill Lange.
Even though this car never saw a wide or even limited run (only four of them were produced)
- historians consider the F-88 to be a pivotal moment in automobile history - one that, "changed
the style of cars for the new era".
Using the chassis of the Chevy Corvette and a similar fiberglass body - it houses an insane
250 horsepower V8 rocket engine, just a few reasons why the last time it was purchased
for $3.3 million dollars at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.
Now on display at the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum - it's truly a sight for sore eyes.
Number two - Ferrari 250 GT Boano Convertible.
Although the Ferrari 250 GT isn't what you'd consider to be "SUPER rare", the singular
convertible model certainly is.
It's exceptionally unique in its topless design since all other versions of the 250 GT manufactured
between 1953 and 1956 were roofed coupés - except for the one and only unit that sold
to New York car collector Robert Lee for $9,500 at the 1956 New York Auto Show.
Reportedly personally haggling the price with famous racecar drive Luigi Chinetti, he purchased
it for quite a steal and owns it to this day - making it the oldest Ferrari to still be
in the hands of its original purchaser.
Worth over $10 million dollars alone - it's been said the price would drive up exponentially
if Mr. Lee ever brought it to auction.
Number one - Rolls-Royce 15 hp .
Going back over a century ago - the automobile industry was a much different place.
When two (at the time) no-names called Charles Rolls and Henry Royce produced the Rolls-Royce
15 hp in Manchester, England (in 1904), little did they know that that tiny run of six cars
would go on to forge an incredible path for the now luxury vehicle giant.
Since made, only one is known to still exist - and it tours automotive shows, car museums
and historical exhibits.
Although this three cylinder engine is only capable of puttering along at 39 MPH, it's
not about the performance - its literally one of (if not THE) oldest and rarest car
in existence.
In case you were wondering, it's been estimated to be worth a staggering $35 million dollars.
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7 Of The Rarest And Most Unique Cars

72 Folder Collection
rihrong published on August 24, 2017
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