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  • Flying a kite.

  • It's a bright sunny day!

  • Peppa and her family are in the park.

  • They are going to fly a kite.

  • George is going to fly the kite first.

  • George runs as fast as he can.

  • But the kite won't fly.

  • George, you're doing it all wrong!

  • You didn't run fast enough.

  • Now it's my turn.

  • Peppa runs as fast as she can.

  • But the kite still won't fly.

  • The kite won't fly if there isn't any wind, no matter how fast you run.

  • We just have to wait until the wind picks up a bit.

  • Look, it's getting windy!

  • Now that it is windy, the kite can fly.

  • The wind is quite strong now.

  • Wind is very strong now.

  • George!

  • Thank you, Daddy!

  • Daddy Pig flies the kite.

  • Higher, higher!

  • Daddy Pig flies the kite very well.

  • Yes, guy. I am a bit of an expert at these things.

  • Watch out for the trees! You might get the kite stuck in one.

  • Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

  • Oh Dear! Daddy Pig has got the kite caught in a tree.

  • Oh No!

  • Don't worry, George. Daddy will get the kite down.

  • Hooray!

Flying a kite.

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