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So, you've been playing some rainbow six siege.
You're starting to get into the groove,
finging those good defense spots, making some bold moves on attack,
really feeling like you're…like you're…
Um, I'm sorry. Is that the gun your using?
The iron sights and… what is that, like a gunmetal grey weapon skin?
It…It's not a skin.
Oh, OK!Hey!Nothing's wrong with the austere approach,
you know, the classic look.
I get it. But you know, I gotta tell you,
there are some attachments that could really help make that gun more effective
and some cool cosmetic stuff that…Well, let's just say
you could be making a better impression on that round ending killcam.
Besides, what's the point of earning all that Renown
if you're not gonna spend it?
Look, I understand if your first priority with Renown is to unlock all the operators.
I was once like you. And I was wrong.
You need some scopes, kid!
Scopes on my SMGs and assault rifles
really improved my ability to watch key doorways from a distance
and spot those really small movements
And, they help me get oriented correctly when repelling upside down,
and they're cheap!Only a few hundred renown,
that's like, "Play a match, earn a scope!" Done!
And don't overlook those other attachments either.
Vertical grips and angled grips are dirt cheap
and great for recoil management and quicker aiming down sights respectively.
Flash hiders, compensators and muzzle brakes
can help you get a handle on all these different flavors of recoil
Or, you can trade a bit more recoil
for less damage drop off at range with that heavy barrel.
Don't forget that attachments work on most sidearms as well
and basically every pistol gets better with a muzzle brake.
Now silencers,they are good
if you've got a stealthy roaming or flanking strategy lined up
or you want to turn your pistol into a quiet gadget buster
but your gun will do less damage and penetrate less
so you might not want to use one just because it makes your gun sound cool
A laser sight is good if it helps your shield guy land more shots
it's not so good if it reveals your position to the enemy
Attachment strategy boils down to one question
what do I want my gun to do ?
if the answer is be a better gun, then pick out some attachments
spend some renown and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
But, all substance and no style makes Sledge a dull boy
so get a weapon skin on there and live a little!
some skins are understated some are not
some skins are serious business some are not
some can be applied to any gun
and some are very specifically designed for one gun
Yes, I'm looking at you, Woody.
You look like a gift from undersecretary Wisby to the Duke of Smethwick,
and I love it.
There are some seriously cool skins that are worth saving your renown for,
but there are other ways to skin up.
You can find Ubisoft Club challenges in the Uplay menu
and complete them for skin rewards.
Or, you can spend some of your gaming budget on R6 credits,
and unlock skins that way.
R6 credits can be used to buy other cosmetic items as well,
like charms and headgear.
Charms are little dangly things that clip onto your gun,
and add some flare, some pizzazz, some joie de vivre.
Last but not least, we come to headgear.
You don't get a ton of chances to see your own face in siege,
but your foes do.
And doc gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “bedside manner”.
with this mask straight from your nightmares.
Keep an eye on the bundles section of the store.
This is a great way to pick up a new set for a CTU on the cheap.
And, there’re frequent store updates and limited time items.
So be sure to check back on the regular to see what's for sale,
because seiging is a blast,
but looking good while doing it is even better.
For more tips, tricks and breaking news about rainbow six siege,
subscribe to this Youtube channel and visit us at the Ubiblog
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Rainbow Six Siege - The Best Reasons to Buy Gear

344 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on August 21, 2017
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