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We all like to spice up our meals,
but did you know that 129 teaspoons
of pepper, all at once, could kill you?
Perhaps more concerning is that
eating as little as a few teaspoons of nutmeg
can induce convulsions, palpitations,
nausea, and possibly death.
Of course, sugar has also been linked to
a myriad of diseases, but for a 150-pound
person, 10.5 cups of sugar at once
is deadly.
With that much sugar, you might also
develop some serious cavities,
but don't go eating toothpaste.
Flouride is very safe in small doses
and can help fight cavities,
but ingesting around 24 tubes with
170 milliliters, or 6 ounces, each
could be fatal.
If you're trying to avoid wrinkles,
just know that 68 nanograms of botox
is lethal.
It does stand for botulinum toxin, after all.
Of course, injections use a tiny fraction of that amount,
which prevents nerves from firing,
essentially paralyzing muscles.
And while you've always been told
to eat your fruits and veggies,
enough oranges and you'd be
overdosing on vitamin C.
Granted, you'd need to eat about 11,000 at once
to reach this dosage.
809 vitamin supplements would do the same.
If healthy food makes you
run the other way,
don't go too fast. Though our bodies
can handle amazingly fast speeds,
we're not so great at acceleration.
The earth is flying around the sun
at around 1600 kilometers an hour,
and it doesn't phase you.
But if it started accelerating to a faster
speed, we'd all feel the jolt.
14 Gs of lateral acceleration, and your
organs would start to tear loose from one another.
Running fast will also
warm you up,
but when internal temperatures
exceed 40 degrees celsius,
heat stroke will kick in and could
potentially lead to death.
Sweating can help cool you down,
but with any extreme heat, dehydration
sets in, causing decreased blood flow
to vital organs like the kidneys
and the brain.
As a result, they begin to shut off,
while the intestines break down
and release harmful bacteria
into your bloodstream.
Of course, cool your internal temperature
down too much below 21 degrees celsius,
and your body enters a lethal phase
of hypothermia, which causes veins
to constrict and bloodflow to decrease,
focusing warmth on internal organs until
they begin to fail, too.
If you're trying to see
those internal organs,
try to avoid getting 7143 abdominal
X-rays back-to-back, which is enough
cumulative radiation to kill you.
This ionizing radiation has enough energy
to rip electrons from atoms.
5 grays of radiation is enough to kill 50%
of the population, which a nuclear blast could administer.
If you're hiding from a nuclear blast,
be careful of eating too many green potatoes in your bunker.
The green color that forms on the skin
is actually chlorophyll,
which isn't toxic,
but indicates the presence of the toxin
solanine, which is a defense mechanism
against pests.
You might get sick from eating one,
but eat around 25 of these medium-sized
green potatoes, and your life could
be on the line.
What's good for our own
survival in small doses
can sometimes be lethal,
like potassium.
Potassium ions are essential for nerve
impulses and muscle contractions, but
potassium chloride is also used
for lethal injections.
You'd need to eat about 480 bananas to
reach this lethal amount, but your
stomach might burst before you reach that.
Just remember, the dose is the poison.
If you want more examples
of weird things that could kill you,
check out part 1 of this video.
You can also watch our latest video,
"When Scientists Go to Music Festivals"
if you're looking for a good laugh
and some facts and stats to impress your
music-loving friends.
And subscribe, for more
weekly science videos every Thursday.
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This Much Will Kill You pt.2

13870 Folder Collection
林恩立 published on October 10, 2017    林恩立 translated    jenny reviewed
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