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Hi! My name is Barbara, and I just got this really cool
wooden hairpin from my friend Lena and it
even has my name on and it's a Chinese
year of the horse... hairpin :P and I do not know how to use it
so she's going to show me how to do a classic unique
hairdo that I've never done before
Step One: hold your hair in one portion and put it on one side of the hairpin
personally I like to put it on the left side of the hair
since I'm a right handed person and this is how
I'm going to make a knot.
Step Two:
Put your hair over the pin and turn the pin around until it's sideways and points to three o'clock
during this movement don't hold your hair too tight
or too loose
since we're about to push the pin through the hair.
Step Three:
turn the hairpin over and push through the hair underneath until it comes out
and perfectly stays inside the knot.
Now, you have a very unique and elegant hairstyle
which also only took thirty seconds to do
it's also very easy to take down—
just pull the hairpin out and your hair goes free.
That seemed like it's so simple
but I will have to practice because
I can't see the back of my head
but I can't wait to try it
and I'm going to be able to have those exotic hairdos
just like the Chinese ladies!
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How to use a Chinese hairpin

372 Folder Collection
PC home published on August 18, 2017
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