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  • It’s Super Mahjong! How is it different from regular mahjong? Well, first off, it’s

  • Real Mahjong. None of that tile-matching BS here. No, youre playing the actual game,

  • and youre going to get schooled by this grandmother and this kid wearing a weird dog-ear

  • hat. It’s all a mind game, after all. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to sit at

  • a table for hours at a time? I sure don’t. After all, there are girls in bunny suits

  • all over the place! But, for the sake of this review and in the spirit of due diligence,

  • I’ll tolerate this grandmother and the dog-ear kid and this other woman and play some Mahjong.

  • For you. For Christmas.

  • Yeah, it’s not really that much to watch, unless you happen to understand what’s going

  • on (or youve seen the anime Saki, one of the two) and know that this form of the game

  • has long been popular in Japanese arcades and home consoles... though usually with the

  • selling point of women taking their clothes off. Unfortunately, Nichibutsu Super Mahjong

  • features no such action. Just Mahjong. But if it means youll continue watching this

  • video, please feel free to believe there is such a payoff at the end. Maybe I’ll slap

  • in some Bayonetta footage or something. Maybe I won’t. Youll just have to sit there

  • and be patient, like youre waiting for that one tile thatll finish your hand.

  • Altana knows it’s a situation I spent most of this playthrough in, as the turns went

  • round and round and I just got screwed over and over again. See this woman right here?

  • I think she’s a demon. A mahjong-playing demon, sent to torture me. And this is her

  • sister, whom I played in a heads-up scrimmage. And I got beaten like rented mule, despite

  • my actually being kinda decent at this game. Maybe that only counts when I’m stealing

  • the lead away from dog-ear kid. YOU HEARD ME, KID. SHUFFLE THE DAMN TILES AND STOP CRYING.

  • And that’s about it. The game ostensibly takes place in a large facility with separate

  • floors for the various game modes, though during gameplay itself you see the table and

  • that’s it. And even then, just the important parts: Your rack, your opponentsdiscards,

  • and some assorted data. If youre playing with four, youll only actually see your

  • opponents when theyre saying something (though the inclusion of different voices

  • is a fairly nice touch). In heads-up, though, there’s fire and lightning effects to be

  • had and epic musical changes... or as epic as the situation can get, considering that

  • youre probably just going to continue drawing tiles until the hand ends in a draw. Oh well,

  • back to picking on the dog-eared kid. He totally deserves it. WHO WEARS A HAT LIKE THAT TO

  • THE TABLE? I’m trying to get my drink on and this kid’s freakinme out. Honestly.

It’s Super Mahjong! How is it different from regular mahjong? Well, first off, it’s

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