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  • (In the living room)

  • Nick Vujicic is my idol.

  • I've watched his speeches dozens of times on YouTube.

  • I can even repeat parts of them.

  • Nick Vujicic. Who is he?

  • Let me show you his TED Talk video.

  • Go ahead.

  • I'd like to see what's so special about him.

  • Hey, is he the man in the checked shirt?

  • Yeah, and if you look closer,

  • you can see that he's a man without arms or legs.

  • Was he born that way?

  • Yes, he was.

  • Life has been hard for him since he was a child.

  • What happened to him when he was young?

  • He was often laughed at and bullied because he had no arms or legs.

  • Some people even told him,

  • Nick, you're not good enough.

  • You'll never get a job or get married.

  • You can't even hold your wife's hand.”

  • Did he give up hope after hearing those mean words?

  • Yes, he did.

  • At first, he wanted to end his life,

  • but then his parents found out and told him he was beautiful and special.

  • They encouraged him by saying, “Never say never.”

  • Wow! His parents really loved him a lot.

  • They sure did,

  • and because of them, he started to have more belief in himself.

  • Now, he's making a difference by sharing his life story with people all over the world.

  • That's touching.

  • Maybe it's time for me to think about how to do something meaningful with my own life.

(In the living room)

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