A2 Basic US 2004 Folder Collection
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(Emily and Jessie see John sitting alone on a bench.)
Hi, John.
Are you OK?
You look tired and a little weak.
You have dark circles under your eyes,
and your lips are pale.
I have to decide whether I should go to high school or a vocational school.
It's too hard to choose,
and I was so worried last night that I couldn't sleep.
How come?
Don't most people want to go to high school?
Everybody except me
because I want to be an art worker.
I want to go to a vocational school,
but my parents don't want me to.
I agree with your parents.
You will never be successful if you go to a vocational school.
Whoa! Wait a moment, Jessie!
Don't you know that many successful people graduated from vocational schools?
Take the designer Xiao Qingyang for example.
He went to a vocational school, and now he's world-famous.
See, going to a vocational school can be a good choice,
so don't worry, John.
Follow your heart because it will show you the way.
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Kang Hsuan Edu. B5L6 dialogue

2004 Folder Collection
Jerry published on August 16, 2017
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