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(At Happy Ocean Park)
Wow! I really enjoyed watching that lovely dolphin show.
Those dolphins did great tricks.
I felt sorry for them.
Why did they have to do those tricks?
What do you mean?
It was great fun to watch the dolphin show, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
But they don't belong here, do they?
Maybe not,
but without them, this park will be boring.
It still doesn't make it right to make them do tricks.
That's true,
but we won't be able to watch them closely or touch them on the nose
if we send them back into the wild.
Hold on.
Do you want people to touch your nose every day?
Probably not.
Do you want to do the same tricks over and over again?
Of course not!
All right, you've made your point loud and clear.
We should be kinder to dolphins.
Yes, because they are a part of nature, just like us.
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Kang Hsuan Edu. B5L3 dialogue

2142 Folder Collection
Jerry published on August 16, 2017
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