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Hi,this is Ray
Today I'll be talking bout'
Difficult Chinese Words to translate
As you guys all know
something went viral in Taiwan two days ago
suddenly,people are talking about how important translation is
I've done an episode before
which is talking about
Chinese words that are hard to translate
So today
Let's go with the flow
and make episode two
In this episode,a lot of words
are from the comments given by everyone
First,let's check this comment out
Did I get em' all (yup~)
I've just used up my brain for the entire episode
So that's a wrap
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give us a thumbs up
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okay~I’m just mimicking Louis
Back to the right track
wait a min,this is kinda disturbing
So today,I've also sorted out some Chines words
that are hard to translate
Let's check em' out one by one
How to translate 瞎妹?
So what kind of a person is a 瞎妹?
The first feature of 瞎妹 is that she doesn't know she's a 瞎妹
but all the people around her do
瞎妹 only cares about her appearance
and posts selfies frequently
or something that doesn't match the context
You'll likely to unfriend her after seeing those posts
If you wanna describe a person
who only has appearance but she's empty inside
You can use the English word,bimbo
And 瞎妹 always tries to get attention
on social media
as for this
you can use the adjective,attention-seeking
so combined those words
attention-seeking bimbo on social media
If you don't wanna say such a long description
you can simply use
attention whore
Shh,don't tell people that I taught you this
How to translate 便當?
便當 is a common food in Taiwan
It's got a main course, veges and rice
But,they don't have the habit of eating 便當 in foreign countries
so it's a lil' bit hard to translate
Some people would use the word lunch box
but it's not really precise
cause' lunch box its just the box
the container
It may be a metal one or plastic one
so you can't say that I’m going to eat a lunchbox
This is wrong
I think there're two translations that are acceptable
One is Bento,though it came from Japanese
But the concept of 便當 is the same in Japan and Taiwan
so I think it's a pretty acceptable one
The other one is boxed meal
It's a meal put inside a box
Here I wanna give you some words
The box from restaurants is called to-go box
If it's a paper bag
it's paper bag or doggie bag
How to translate 小屁孩
hmmm,do I know any 小屁孩?
( You are 小屁孩 alright? )
小屁孩 means that he is spoiled
not polite and smart
He doesn't have to be young
He may be an adult with those characteristics
can also be called a 小屁孩
Because family education kinda has an impact on it
so you can say spoiled brat
which is a spoiled kid
If you wanna emphasize the characteristics of nonsense
You can use the word,punk
But if it's a kid
You have to say little punk
Be careful with the pronounciation
Don't pronounce it as "little",say "lil" instead
lil, right?
lil’ punk
lil’ punk!!!
If you think punk is too hard
There's a even more simple choice
just call him little shit
How to translate 撒嬌
This is a hard one
It has so many meanings in Chinese
But there isn't a word you can use for all the circumstances in English
Between children and parents
Boyfriends and girlfriends
pets and masters
all kinds of 撒嬌
You need to use different English words
If it's referring to acting cute
you can say act cute
If it's the sweet talk condition
You can say sweet talk
If someone did it with a purpose
You can use butter someone up
If it's between couples
is is actually regarded as flirt
and if it's sticking together
and holding each other,use cuddly
Yeah,just use the Chinese word instead
How to translate 學長、學姐、學弟、學妹
Okay,this is almost impossible to translate
due to cultural diffrences
I saw an article written by John Barthelette
He talks about
how to translate words like 學長、學姐
The summary of the article is that
In western cultures
they hate words that divide people into different classes
so lower classmen and uper classmen
are words you don't really use in practical
So besides freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior
There aren't any other expressions
They even use
first year, second year, third year, fourth year to replace the old expressions
But I think the word,senpai
is getting more and more popular in Western countries
you can google,senpai notice me
So...yeah,don't know how to translate it
How to translate 客氣
There are many scenarios
the most common one is 不客氣
So how to say 不客氣 in English
You're probably thinking bout' "you’re welcome" right?
Let me show you an expression that's on fleek
one simple word,anytime
Yo~~Check this out
“Hey thanks for helping me out”
The person will fall in love with you immediately right?
Ok,let's get back
客氣 can also be used in「你不要跟我客氣」
In this expression
It means that you want the person to act more freely
The first one that cross my mind is "make yourself at home"
But that's what you usually say
when you invite people to your house
If you guys are outside
it'll be kinda weird
If you say that in a restaurant
This is not your home!!
So another expression is " no strings attached"
which means you don't need to pay me back so just act freely
Ok,we talked about so many Chinese words that are hard to translate
Did you guys get a lot of big platforms
There are still many Chinese words that's hard to translate
So if you are interested in a certain one
Leave a comment
We'll talk about them in the next episode
If you like this video,give me a thumbs up
Don't forget to subscribe
There'll be new videos every Mon and Thurs at 9 pm
We also have Facebook and Instagram,Just simply search Ray Du English
And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~
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Difficult Chinese Words to Translate #2

38148 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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