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Hello Hello everybody I was white
Today we want to continue to play
Big Adventure Tara
then today we are
Did not have come here Well then
I found that there is a pit well
we have not completely solved it out
that according to my judgment
I'm not going to come to this place
Then why not see the sidewalk
my way blanket
I remember is falling from somewhere Ah
road disappeared
or I there
a through I may be
results I hid this little place
is bypassed from the front
let's find a way
That what we dug
us that
the Red stone
Let's dig Red stone like
we do not ignore them
they would on it fierce
why should I ignore them right
we first covered covered dig Red stone should not be hard to dig it
should be before that
away away away
Stones Stones
Why put here A
Wait it
Wait Wait Wait
Here is where
Hey there boxes
can start it
I can not open
I need closer
' distance
who are you a
silverfish a
laps mine
Oh, here there are some props
Amount Amount Amount is drilled out from the other side
Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait
away away away
cut you cut your foot foot
will crawl right you will climb
locked up locked up locked up
Hey I feel bad
I forgot I forgot I forgot
they will
hell do
there is hell do
came to me in the end what
I wonder why
how I feel I
not a person here in the world
Hey tread that can be pushed down
diamond helmet
I see I see
over there there Have
That that that that
diamond helmet
I see over there that
I want to I want him to that
Here is the hell do
I seem to get to
is dug more deeply
always dug the total number
weird stuff Hey
how the hell have not you
seen it
Well amount
Not I do not see you
I think we do not get strong equipment before
which do not have to go
which really are not go
Well do not see
Hey scared me down a level
in later dug
there are caves
please do not
What is it
Chaos mine
seems pretty cool
quickly poached
can do
skin can be used to do more skin
true fake
Do not be so hard I'm good now careful to hide you
you that
a range of what
I had not have said
I do not want to play it EE2
I I I have a little regret Hey
let me play you
I have a little regret
because I think they
their horrible
If I do not run into EE2
think I live within its means
I try
What are you doing
Why are you over there
you go to
go magma inside it
I see over there
Red quarry
I look at the front there
I think the front side is better looking
because I think there is too horrible
Why the hell stuff A
does not no, no,
not good to go
I have a bow and arrow
can deal with them
but my arrows not so much
grace or first
Quickly heck
how there will be a
pit straight A
I see I see Red stone Red stone up
Red stone
off away
y'all off
I have forty-one
lot Oh
still do not rely on them too close to the better
dark Oh
Why I will not see you where
No matter quickly
will be disguised ore
I do not suck up
This is not
Diamond Comparison important
four diamond
Hey I have
I have
Hey I do not have a wood
What is that
I have seen quite a few attractions for me
point a fire
This could have been burned
I think so
There are gems to get the ocean
dig a little iron
Hey Hey
= = Well we use the flint
ignition side edge to find ways out of it
A lot here Red stone Oh
hurry away hurry away
I am afraid I am afraid that if we do not have to
yet finished
away away away
is love Hey
have a love Hey
I just
the fire will not black out the entire
I burn myself I burned myself
I put it hammer dead
Walked away
With him dead
Oh I left the last day A life
first look at self-protection
self-protection self-protection
Receding go
me there
over again
I do not have that
I do not have light
I need light
I have my coal
I just do not have that
how do
good trouble Oh
Do something to burn
we eat something it
fast eat
eat any
us this
can then point a few times
light over there
let's past
good magma
OK no problem
to stay in this neighborhood magma
least light
then positive return blood
hiss Well how do I do not have wood
I do not have things like wood
I no way to do a torch
I can only
to see if there is no way to find a way
back to our pick one that
Lights that
self luminous
Well, we go back
Some also go back
self luminous
that's what I say will be self luminous
he does not
him to ignite
forget Ye
Oh here
Torch that will glow from the body of the manuscript
put that
Where to go into A
above it
purple gem we have not dug
Oh I found
will self body glowing
this is a
we are being pushed down
nutritional value
do not eat carrots
Do this
This is not a
just got
this torch
how we want to go it
This will push people to dig up
good horror Oh
this is simply about to become the ultimate survival Hey
super limit Oh
really super ultimate survival
not lie to you really do not lie
here is where
Good place for a good place
us before venturing hole
compare this place
good insurance dig back
walk around
if I remember how to go home words
I find a good place to dig it up
well here
I just pulled out three
should be enough for us to use
we just have to dig it up
I do not already know where to hit the
mined the Hey
super mulch
We have a lot of good things today dug
go home
on how this synthesis to Azerbaijan
this is the people say that
can be made that what
What does it mean
I now have no way to
Do a good
I know what it is that no good
we started
development EE2
everyone's favorite EE2
walked away
go start off
good digging
terror Oh
underground just met
always feel like going to hell Hey
I really think I went to
What is it
my own digging pit straight
Right, right
This is my own digging straight pit
Oh lucky lucky
just dug his own pit straight
directly home
or so many owls
I think it's horrible
good good stimulation stimulus
no amount of food
did not say it lacks
but is a kind of
super heavy pressure
TU you see we have collected so much today Hey
too have
chain Alchemist friend
familiar voice
familiar force
most of the flavor
This is our
EE2 mind
is you
not changed for the better
I really miss Oh
I really miss Oh
A day Tut
we started developing
EE2 series props bar
the first thing I look at
we need to practice gold plate Well
should be our In fact, the bag
Quite enough
I think it should
in this, this is the world inside
quite a number
need quite a few things
but that things
= = quite rare to
I look
no representation put the wrong
With conversion tables
is you
Although a bit
display cloth but
out is normal Hey
we throw into the chicken
we could have been eating a lot of chicken
Red stone also lost
obsidian also lost
anyway also a chance
this no
ENC there is no way
mushrooms may be lost
Cast iron anchor
torch lost
I need
I really do not want to retake
I really do not want to retake any
that Tut
= = I really do not want to retake any
er er er er er
that the
that thing
I do not want that then point
that point it's too much trouble
Too much trouble
Okay, now
we have the
do the initial stage props
Well come get our next set
this understanding we are all familiar with the
from here we begin today
to expand our life Alchemist
nothing in the world as
Otherwise, I think
To survive here
does not make sense and is difficult to survive
at least we have
props strange
OK that
Hey these are ENC
= = iron iron
good that it does not matter
we will see if we can develop
next episode can develop more
more that
EE2 props
we can
continue to do what we
Alchemy room
and get out of this island
I really super want to leave this island
but we need ice ring
I would have walked the
Let it go that the effect of
that freezes
floor will freeze
Then we can leave this island
our island ultra poor
so small even went to a bunch of owl
eyes wide open eyes I see the kind of feeling
so poor Oh
Okay, our next set to
can come
go to the other world to see
try to develop EE2
Then we can do a lot to get out of this island
OK is such
Thank you for watching the next time we see Hello
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257 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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