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Let us go down deeper search
ah go
This hole is designed for
I would like to say specially dug myself
I want to go straight to dig
result was not think
so many
horrible monster with sister
ah mostly sister friends
almost friends
simply sister
Front how that place seems to have a big hole
Oh here oh
that is directly down
will feel very horrible place
I do not want to go directly Le
I want that kind of stalking style
I saw iron Austria
ha ha ha hurts Oh
oh oh
away away away
I'll have you
This would give birth to blame bad habits to get rid
Oh my god
Oh my god too much
them too much they would give birth to a
good horror Oh
ah, ah sister production
I do not stone
do not give me close
you this girl
Turn on your have to get rid of two
too much of it
Are you troubled
You will not shoot one of us one of us do
Oh my god
this this and that
this does not seem to jump out of the way
shoot him ah
Do not shoot me ah
you're not on the same side with me right
you still do not get too close to a good
Oh my god
Oh, you get drilled ax Hey
Hello fierce Oh
you did not
Oh why do you get the scissors
So you are not zombies took part in vocational
is some help with your hair ah
some help
Oh I do not know
Oh my god scared me
scared me
scared me
nest Mrs. Li Ya
Oh no stone stones
stone no such thing
walked away
shoot him shoot him
Oh my god
their strange green brick
This is particularly the underground the strangest
seemed in Collage
there is the following
he has found
after they become sprouting
actually become more become strong
Almost becomes equal intensity
no weaker
Oh yes yes yes
better sword
took gallop
there should be
Oh no
away Austria
your scissors will burn
Oh sister do not picky eaters
fast eat
run slightly run slightly run slightly
good horror Oh
how like oh
Come back
Come back back
good good horror terror
die first to go back to the blood
die die die
repel sharp 3 2 flame additional 1
Oh this is simply
gross exaggeration
let's wear to protect the 2
I would thoroughly investigated
Oh my god
= = careful Oh
Do it first took
I do not want to consider the meaning of the past
assured that I will not be the last
too much
I went over there to wait they gave birth to a bunch of strange
yes success
Oh there's still
Do not born students do not raw
this is a coolie afraid Hey
Oh no, no
he is the bomb Oh, no
No, no
Oh, he was not a bomb
(crying) I want to sleep it
Who says I blew up
I did not explode friends
it really makes me downright desperate Hey
tut I think it should not be a tombstone
tombstone will do
Hey I do not think there is tombstone
therefore he is TNT ah
On here
This is too big a hole it was bombed
it will be a tombstone
ruin his entire Hey
Oh my god oh big
This is what sapphire
= Oh =
Oh no
can not take this dig
I still have not yet stabilized Hey
Oh I decided to dig up here
dig up a way to go
Look at home with no iron type
can assist at
I have illuminated something you
but I have no gold carrot
If we
if there is no hair bright stuff
we can only slightly dark
Hey iron iron
not a good few
8 Ge Hey
what is copper
copper ore wow woo
Some dug
useless things
I do not tut
illuminated stuff Hey
and my manuscript also broken
oh this is the kind of cave spiders the only small
Austrian Why not cut
Oh so you are only a small
foot so to cut it
you that
you that humanity is false
Oh, it hurts
Austrian finished it
God how I survive ah
so hard Oh
I must now first collected wood
how do how Office
how do we go downstairs to get
we went upstairs to get
upstairs wood
we think of ways to collect wood
be careful
Terrific Terrific oh
quickly quickly quickly
potato knock
God potato will not rot
big here
got got
fast synthesis units
games friends
uh I have
Oh no, I stones
Oh no manuscript manuscript manuscript
out first a manuscript to
Good horror Oh uh
draft manuscript stone stone artwork
Oh no it is not enough
first with wooden artwork
1 2 3
have dug more
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
dig bigger OK
put up iron
oh oh oh oh oh
copper can be used to do ah
good curious
this edge also has copper
Can escape with
Hey I want to get
I want to dig a sapphire
sapphire Today, we got a good
and some copper ah
this there is no very special copper
21 Hey there copper iron
Get a lot
Hey sapphire
I miss you too (I miss you)
five Oh Hey
wow sapphire
There ah oh
you this is just a skeleton bow
Why I can not run
Austrian died
hate Austria
oh this is what
huh huh five gold
I got the gold
Oh I'm so sorry
monsters here are super vicious
I have three torch
I finally got sapphire
I envy them their sapphire
sapphire finally get to know why
yeah transparent
woo transparent Hey
Ha ha ha
mining capabilities
Hey I do not know how to describe Hey
this manuscript is transparent
then see
Value Pack question here do
so so cool oh
so so cool oh
We want to get home
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217 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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