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Hello Hello everyone
Welcome to a woman
right all right
woman in the world. Well
It's too this too that this too too strange
Oh we have today
on we are gathering a collection of some
good we collected cucumber
us on a good set to collect cucumbers
can not grow cucumbers Oh
Can only directly eat Oh
then I finally got on a set
I finally found that
how to find synthetic methods
Right, right
What if I say I want he knew synthesis
we just click R
just like that so simple
then if you want to say manufacturing
know so use
The method used
right right right
is doing so
Later I found that in fact this manuscript ah
Hey he can upgrade
He can be upgraded to the
I do not know What do
then gold particles
bullion CRIB friends
I'm talking about
bullion can create
quite amazing to
I do, then it is more convenient
know that I do in the end
OK our last episode was originally to go below
digging Well
and each time have been
are the strong sister playing
fight back
that now this episode
I intend uh us
I do not intend to go
We go somewhere else down the drilled
or else are playing every fight back
very poor Oh
I decided I wanted in their own homes
own their own drill down
sleep to be able to maintain the skin
God, I finished
sleep slightly
Good night (night)
Good morning (Good Morning)
Good we drill down on this set
then I
I'm going to eat
Let's go (go)
we find a good place to dig down
Oh my god
Oh my god this place is how to dig ah
I suddenly felt become Moe
Meg sister when
I am very
Tut feel that they become stronger
is it my imagination right
Digging here
should not be dug strange things right
Hey Iron
we just lack shoes
I'm waiting for is you friends
good first
Let's get a few Hey
well below original
this is not a disguised ore
does not seem to be
Oh etc.
this pseudo mine
camouflage ore seems to take the knock
he died of
then what gifts do not give
ah such fishes
bit dig too below the
to see if there is no way to dig a little a little more advanced ore
then I studied how
this module is to play
I probably have some idea
to that this module does he have
What is tin Hey
last time we find tin
results seem to find quite a ah
I have to breathe you
directly Adventure
adventure ended
too quickly
Not bad
I can dig here open
I see that there are iron
I heard a strange sound
I heard a lot of monsters sound
I do not know you have not heard
quite a number
this episode may well be
a very HIGH gathered
how do
Do not ah
Many many monster sound oh
is your right
Oh Oh
Not right
how they dug
we can skip it
this should be that
uh oh
us we better skip
do not ignore them
Oh no
I have a V
skip skip skip
Oh no
This stone
this shape
the taste
just good spider
Oh Europe
I'll see you born things
well, you will not be reproduced Austria
bad girl bad girl
Oh shoes
good girl good girl
shoes give me
I want shoes
But also iron
Well, I have shoes that you do not have shoes
yeah free
free shoes
Well, now with a little bit of defense
I think it should be I want to go directly kill
but now is too dark
still very easy to blame the students
be careful the Austrian
be careful Austria
I heard this love to pick up
can make things look
AOL Wait a minute
away away away
Austrian my sword easily broken Hey
I found
ah OK
this is a secret flooded basement
Oh Terrific
food with Slow Potion
send you this brick
Hey there libraries
Wait Oh my god
bad not bad
oh oh
Austrian Hey
how can you be so concerned about
woman man does not love does not concern
eat Chichi Chi
Oh No
What is this that
is that every time a change in taste should eat
uh my torch
with flint
I know you're in front of the Austrian
I knew
patience Austria
Ha Do you think you can not hurt me
Oh I just iron helmet
can fill
coolie afraid that
that's coolie afraid
that's coolie coolie afraid that is afraid
Hey alas
Hey I got the green stuff
enzyme gland dislikes Oh
shoes it is
Feeling is not something
physically disgusting place
I ordered the wrong place
I actually ignition
Hey Austrian away
go away go away open
I want
I want to do that you increase blood belt
Oh pants
wait I first adventure Ends
Oh there boxes boxes
There are ready-made torches
ready to take a little torch with fish
And do this
fish iron ingots
take a little line
can do bows
music box Hey
Why is there music box ah
can sing
just do not understand why there is a music box
oh oh so big here
I think here
I think the following terrible Oh
Hurry Hurry Hurry
call Jesus Diamond draft Hey
Terrific Oh
Oh, oh wow handsome
wow woo
above water cave wants
here we can adventure
girls girls girls
ah e e e e
My sword was gone
I'm not sword
Get off!
I eat East
I am eating something you do not see me eat
nest Woo
you are me
you hit me out of the water Le
how I want to play you ah
Oh dead
I'm not sword
not you eat
you for another taste
hey this system
It really is quite
I have a small sword
original public here in my little sword
Hey there is an iron helmet
iron helmet just fast is broken
change a new
go ah
just bird skeleton Le
uh I want to do a synthesis station
here was exciting Oh
but also fine adventure
Not like the last time we go somewhere how difficult
Hey this should be right below the house
seems also not seem
dark I did not see
We are just to here here here
we did a
here does not seem
Oh oh
I want a sword
I want a sword
uh Dixieland few garbage
Dixieland few garbage
terrifying sister ah
uh Gordon
uh sword how do
just two iron
do a good
good to go
go adventure
eat slowly
but women
Do not picky eaters
because nothing let you pick
Only this way the
been a long time
call love
But that love was gone to pick up Hey
how do increase blood Belt ah
Oh go away
= Get off! =
Oh found
I see you born a strange box
Oh god
I was playing girls
a lot of love oh oh
just now while
Oh e
projectiles Paul
projectile protection
have CD
put the song to listen
not listened
= Hey = saddle horseback
wait I did not ass
oh I do not have a horse
Hey I have only donkeys
well it riding on a donkey well
Oh I remember here have
There are a very special a small lounge
Sometimes it
Ouch Why there will be a pressure plate
Oh good
Hey flame protection with durable
Hey there life brand
ah Oh
sister student life and production control
Oh wow woo
I found
I found this space
is here
Is like a rest is space
then he will have some
Terrific East
Terrific some ah
this, this this is called some of it
I do not think ah
quite stick ah
a lot of things Oh
wait I have a bow and arrow
but I will not
nothing that I can be fired
So even if a
Apple fish ah ah
can take a take
you there
Hey Oh
you are and do
brother came
sister come to you
woo Oh
emerge from the dark
hypocritical kind of cute face
she is now a zombie
While visiting from the inside
will not know what good things can
In fact, it was a
not so tight Oh
you sister
diamond helmet
durable Hey III
What is considered good or bad
also lost a very strange thing
I look
No, no
this zombie heart
You stole my heart like you
shock coolie afraid
I heard he does not explode
he does not explode that will
he will not explode explosive reaction
he will send
to him after the explosion will be sent
has lost a very special thing
I look
What we do not ah
My uh
very difficult decision Chan Oh
heart Oh
I have to leave bye
Hey donkey
I have this
Do you want the
I have to tame your
Hey again
once again
coming when I pet a good
Oh With
Good girl (good girl)
Austria does not you
ah you hurt me my ass
smelly girls
stinking corpse
pouch Hey
rabbit Oh
good to my ass
this is a woman and a donkey adventures
handsome ah oh
this is my ass
call you
Do you like oh
Good Job (Terrific)
I had any brains donkey
Oh Rabbit name is a Cock Cock
Let's look at us achieve those things
can be used to do good
sweet potatoes can be used to seed
us to kind of sweet potato
good then fish baked potato
Can only eat
Hey Hey
zombie heart in the end can be used to do
we can click the Xe
Oh zombie heart can be used to do this
looks like divine
divine magic club
but his request condition is also very frightening
ball in the end is doing
Do not know the unknown do not want
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368 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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