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  • Why do I play Minecraft... Um I do believe, uh me playing Minecraft, mods have influenced

  • me a lot. Uh One day you can be exploring with new animals such as with the Mo' Creatures

  • mod, you see a tiger, or a lion, or even a dolphin. While the next day you can install

  • say, the Trains Mod, and you could be riding down with the train tracks going down, and

  • uh, anything is possible with mods. You can have the Aether Mod, you can have all sorts

  • of possibilities, and uh it's all fan created... it's fan-based created and thats why uh Minecraft

  • has such an epic community.

  • Why do I play Minecraft... I play Minecraft because there is basically no wrong way to

  • play the game. If you want to be creative, you can, go can go build some crazy stuff

  • in this game. If you feel like being adventurous, and wanting to get in trouble, and just to

  • get lost, and just wanting to escape the business of the world. You can, you can just go break

  • some blocks. Also, I think, this game really is made by the community. Having an awesome

  • community to back the game and really push it to its limits is awesome, and I'm so happy

  • to be apart of that community.

  • I play Minecraft because of a couple reasons. The first one is the fact that the maps are

  • different every time which makes for high replay value. It's always fun seeing how my

  • first night goes on every map. The second reason is the atmosphere. The combination

  • of C418's music with the moody lighting and retro graphics is very appealing to me.

  • It's a very relaxing game to play, especially after a hard days work. The last reason is the community.

  • I'm always amazed to see what Minecraft players can come up with, there always seems to be

  • something new to try out in Minecraft every day. This shows the endless possibilities

  • that Minecraft offers and the awesome community that supports it.

  • Why do I play minecraft? Well, It's not just about the vanilla game. What really makes

  • minecraft special to me, is all the different kinds of user generated content you can find

  • out there in the world. And I'm not just talking about buildings and cities, I'm talking about

  • mods, and plugins, and servers, and all the different types of things you see when people

  • get together and really create something new and fantastic.

  • I play Minecraft because of how absolutely broad of an answer there is to the question,

  • "Why do you play Minecraft?". Uh for me, it's about everything, I enjoy all aspects of the

  • game, sometimes I'm in a building mood, sometimes I'm in a survival mood, sometimes I'm in a

  • multiplayer mood, sometimes I'm in just an absolutely random mood, where I'm looking

  • to mess around for no good reason, I mean minecraft just kind of offers absolutely everything,

  • and uh yea, that's... that's why I play Minecraft.

  • I play Minecraft because it challenges my creativity. You can create basically whatever

  • you want, and really bring it to life, if you're willing to take on the challenge of

  • figuring out how to do it. I get to apply and hone all of my engineering skills to try

  • and do things that no one's ever really done before, and then share that with a huge community

  • that is really supportive and encouraging. And every time they add a new block to the

  • game or fix a bug, it's basically like a whole new game to me, so it never really gets old.

  • I love Minecraft.

Why do I play Minecraft... Um I do believe, uh me playing Minecraft, mods have influenced

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