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- Hey Ernie do you wanna take a look at our drawing?
What are you doing?
Hello, I'm Koji.
- I'm Desmond.
- Nice to meet you Desmond.
- I'm Clara.
- Clara, nice to meet you, Clara.
We're gonna draw the future.
- The future?
- Yeah. Do you know what the future is?
- No.
- Oh I think I know.
Like a couple days back?
- Oh no that's the past.
So the future is any time after right now.
Tomorrow is the future.
A hundred years from now is the future.
Yesterday, not the future.
- Oh
- Are you listening to me at all?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna ask you some questions
and then whatever you tell me, then I just draw.
You can do whatever, you can go crazy with it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I think there's going to be like a tube in space
where people live there.
- Are there cities and things in there?
- Yeah.
- Trees and plants and stuff? - Yeah.
- I think everything is gonna be electronic,
it's gonna be all computers.
- There's only one spaceship
- Do you think they go to-- - They go to Mars.
- They go to Mars?
What do they do on Mars? - They find aliens.
- They find Aliens on Mars?
So who rules Earth in the future, then?
- Me.
- You?
- Yes. - Okay.
- I'll be leader.
- And what do you think the aliens look like?
- Like in that.
- Oh they look like ink, like paint or something?
They're like blobs, they look like this?
(Ernie laughs)
Like that?
- Attaching to Earth there's like a moving staircase,
and it only takes 10 minutes to go from Earth to here.
- 10 minutes.
- The people that don't take very good care of Earth
like goes in that colony,
and the people that take very good care of Earth
stays on Earth to keep it alive.
- Oh okay.
How do you think people will talk in the future?
- They'll be is have a rope, and that all is.
- A rope?
- Yeah.
- How far can that wire go?
- To New York.
- What does everyone speak in the future?
- Alien talk like,
- Hello.
- So everybody's voices are a little bit higher
in the future, then?
- They can pick their noses with their fingers (mumbles).
- Oh okay, so there's like one blob picking his nose.
- They have the car, it's decorated with candy.
- With candy?
And everyone's driving candy cars in the future.
- They're made of candy.
- What do you think the people will wear in the future?
- Boys will be wearing tuxedos
made out of the fines silk in the universe.
- I'm wearing a space suit.
- A space suit like an astronaut?
- I look like a cat, a cat face.
- And why do you have a cat face?
- I turned into a cat.
- So how do you think people will get around in the future?
- You just push a button on your hand, like "boop,"
- You push a button on your hand
- and teleportation
just runs off and zap ya
wherever you even think of.
- Zaps you there.
- Za-ap.
- But where do you think that humans live?
- They have to build their own planet.
- So they just-- - Inside of one planet.
- Inside of another planet? - Yeah.
- So like underground, kind of?
- Yeah.
- I was also thinking like
buildings were made out of crystals, my name.
- One gigantic chocolate chip
on top of the house.
- You should make me.
- Just hanging out with the blobs?
- Yeah.
- Are you friends with the blobs?
- A new planet. It's called Bunny Planet.
- Bunny planet?
- Everything there was made by bunnies.
- Robo-cat.
- They're just like floating out in space?
- Yeah.
- So you think in the future people will travel on unicorns?
- A little baby unicorn.
- A little baby unicorn? - Yes.
- Mint candies for eyes.
- Mint candies for eyes.
- Airplane sausage coming.
- I'll put a little, what fuels this flying sausage?
- Water.
- That's all their poo.
- Can you draw the future of the button I have?
- The teleportation thing?
Like kind of a techy looking button?
- That's awesome.
- Should we show them?
- This is what I think of the future.
- This is the future.
- This is the future.
- This is the future.
- We draw the future.
- Good job
Good job guys
- Take me home!
(electronic music)
- Hey I'm Koji the illustrator.
Thanks for watching.
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Kids Describe the Future to an Illustrator

13887 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on September 5, 2017    Evie translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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