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Did she just say, "Oh"?
Oh my God. She said it again.
I'm gonna be sick.
[half speed] Oh...
[slow motion] Oh...
[gag reflex]
Okay so, I swear there's a very good reason as to why
this simple word is having such a strong effect on my gag reflex.
I guess it all started about six months ago with... this picture.
Let me see?
Perfect. Yeah, send that to me.
That's definitely going out on all the campus social media.
Oh, no. I look so weird.
My smile is so derpy.
I think you have a great smile.
I'm gonna be over there...
-Derek. -Audrey.
I'm guessing you're not going to want this photo then?
[chuckle] If you want, you can tag me as a photographer
and I'll take the blame for your derpy smile. [laughs]
it started four years before... with this picture.
That's so cool!
That's Jocelyn.
I had the biggest crush on her since eighth grade.
[Kristen] You're doing a photoshoot over here?
Oh, let's take one with Kristen.
I didn't like Kristen.
Yeah, sure. [nervous chuckle]
Aw, you guys are so cute, you look like a couple.
Don't say that. That'd be like dating my brother.
I'll never forget that moment.
And not because I literally have it frozen in time on a Polaroid but
because you never forget when you realize exactly who you are
and where you are to the person you like.
[laughs] In case you missed that, she just put you in the friend zone.
I'm sorry, Derek.
I mean, you're really cool but you're... just a nice guy.
That's where it all clicked. I knew I heard that line from somewhere.
[typing keyboard]
[laughs] That's gross.
-It's like dating my brother. -What!
I remember watching that video years before
and not really thinking much about it.
Seemed like being a nice guy was this terrible label no one wanted.
I mean, they've even made songs about it.
♪ Nice guys finish last, that's... ♪
But now because of Jocelyn, all those stories and songs made sense.
I was just another...
Nice Guy.
And going to college only solidified who I was.
I liked helping out friends.
Thank you so much, Derek, for helping me post flyers.
Yeah, no problem.
I enjoyed listening to problems.
[crying] I just don't know why it'd say something like that, you know?
That's terrible!
I enjoyed jump-starting cars,
and sharing last semesters' notes,
and hanging out in big groups.
Nacho cheese. [laughter]
But I firmly believed that,
just because I was a nice guy that didn't mean I had to finish last.
I mean all those videos and songs,
they all ultimately said guys like me could still have a happy ending,
and get the girl as long as I played my cards right.
So when I met Audrey,
I made sure that I didn't fall into a standard nice guy traps.
I didn't talk about other girls around her.
Hey Derek, I need a picture over here with these guys.
Oh I think Julia is calling for you.
Who's Julia?
[Julia] Derek!
I made sure we hung out one-on-one.
Oh! Hey, do you think I could invite my cousin, Sandra, to the movies?
She's always asking me to take her out.
Ooh, uh, it's sold out. Uh, we got the last two tickets.
Oh okay. I can just tell her to meet us to eat yogurt after.
Ooh, that's sold out, too. We're getting the last two cups.
-How is that even possible? -Seat belts!
I gave her spaces so that she would look forward to seeing me.
So, how's your new job at that store?
I feel like we haven't caught up in a while.
Really? Has it been that long? (5 days, 13 hours, 48 minutes)
It's great, I can't complain. How are you doing?
I avoided that friend ladder at all costs.
Uh-- Can you help me get this in the car? My cousin, Sandra, needs to borrow it.
I generally avoided all ladders around her.
Nah, I'm good!
And from what I gathered, it seemed like it was working.
We were getting closer, we had great chemistry,
and it felt like... she was feeling something, too.
Which brings us back to my gag reflex which is currently in overdrive.
You see, tonight was my defining moment as a nice guy.
I finally worked up the courage to tell Audrey,
my friend, a girl of my dreams, that I had feelings for her.
A lot of us out there know what it's like to be in this position.
To put it all on the line.
And we all hope that it'll go something like this:
I just had to tell you, I like you.
More than a friend.
Wow. I'm so glad you said something, Derek.
I feel the same way. Let's make out.
And if that's too optimistic, at least:
I just had to tell you, I like you.
More than a friend.
Gosh. What a surprise.
You know, I'm not really ready to process this right now,
but I definitely am open
to exploring the possibility of us being in a romantic relationship.
Let's hug tenderly.
I mean, was that too much to ask?
But instead, after burying my soul and revealing my deepest emotions,
I get the one word that everyone dreads to hear in this defining moment.
It's amazing how much can be said with just these two letters.
She started saying a bunch of other stuff
that I'm sure it was very kind and sugar-coated,
but all I heard was, "Oh",
which basically meant:
This is awkward.
How could you misread my intentions?
Why would you ruin our friendship?
Thanks, but no thanks.
You are and forever will be, a nice guy, Derek.
I'm not into you that way, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Say something.
Did you hear what I said?
Yeah, uh, I heard everything.
So... we can still be friends?
Yeah, of course.
You know I... care about you a lot.
I should take you home now.
This was the worst car ride of my life.
And I've been in two accidents,
but at least in those cases it was just my car being destroyed and not my heart.
Complete silence. The whole way.
We were only three feet apart but it felt like three miles.
Every inch of me wanted to scream out how much this sucked.
To ask her, why?
Why she didn't see me that way.
Why she couldn't give me a chance.
I did everything right, but was it all a lie?
All the videos, all the advice,
all the fluffy BS that said being nice pays off.
It was all boiling inside of me,
but I kept it in and sat there in silence.
And then I realize that's what a nice guy would do.
[tire screeches]
Oh my God! What are you doing?
Were you using me?
Were you using me-- my niceness, just to get what you wanted?
Are you serious?
That's what all you girls do.
You see a nice guy like me and you take advantage of it.
Using us to confide in, to help with errands,
be a good friend but... never anything more.
So, are you saying you were just being nice to get me to like you?
What's wrong with that?
Because you weren't being genuine.
I genuinely liked you.
So, now because I don't feel the same way you're not gonna be nice to me anymore?
You're not gonna to be my friend?
I don't know. What's the point?
I can't believe you think that just because you were nice to me, I owe you...
a relationship.
At least a chance.
You know, if you were upset that I turned you down
because you were just a nice guy, trust me, that's not the case.
You're so far from that.
Where are you going? We're still so far from your place.
I'd rather walk.
Audrey. Audrey!
[sighs] Okay.
Now, it's the worst car ride of my life.
Hey everyone, hope you guys like part 1.
If you want to watch the next two parts, click the videos right over there.
You can also go to our store
at the links below to grab some Nice Guy merchandise
which all goes to supporting this channel and content like this.
We definitely want to keep making long-form series for you guys.
So subscribe and support in any way you guys can. Thanks!
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Just Another Nice Guy - Part 1

21134 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on January 4, 2018    Gloria Ting translated    Lilian Chang reviewed
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