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- His head hurts and he's cold
and he just wants to snuggle.

Somebody ran a stop sign.
(toy cars scraping plastic slide)
(piano music)
- So Isaac is starting to
play with the metronome now.

Do you know what's cool
about the metronome?

- What?
- We can add on other
instruments at the same beat.

So if you were playing at this beat,
then I could get the
drums (imitates drumbeat)

and we could add other
instruments on to you playing.

- That sounds awesome.
- Okay try it.
We'll do it with the drums with my mouth.
(imitates drumbeat)
(piano music)
Oh you started speeding up.
Good job.
- I bet if you go in
there and play the drums

we might be able to do that.
(piano music)
(cymbals crashing)
(piano music)
- Unfortunately we had some
grumpiness this morning

at our house.
Our kids are struggling with chores,
and I know that's just a hard thing
and what I know I need to do
as a Mom is re-do my system,

like kind of organize things
a little bit differently.

Give them a little bit more structure.
I don't know.
I'm trying to figure out how
to re-do the chore system

in our home, but I don't want
it to bring so much friction

every day.
I know whining and complaining,
is it just part of being a kid?
I don't know.
Anyway, Janae I got
out our little play gym

for her this morning and she is loving it.
She keeps smiling and I know as soon as I
put the camera on her she's going to stop,
but it's really cute
to see her enjoying it.

This play gym, every single
one of our kids has used.

We got it when Isaac was a baby
and they've always enjoyed it.
And now you're ginormous.
- It's crazy to think
that I was that little

and they weren't here.
To me that's so weird
that they weren't here.

- [Child] Why are you doing that Mom?
- [Kendra] I'm videoing
what Janae's view is.

Janae is like a magnet at our house.
Everybody wants to be with Janae.
(little boy mumbling)
Alright today we're going to
do a fun activity with music

and art put together.
- I love music and art
so it will be amazing.

- So notice your paper is folded in half.
Do you guys see the fold?
- Yeah.
- Yeah you could cut it in half.
- I want you guys to take
a marker and draw a line

on that fold.
So what we're going to be doing is drawing
to different kinds of music.
So on one side write rock, R-O-C-K.
- [Dad] Or draw a rock.
- Alright everybody grab
a marker or a crayon

or a colored pencil, and
here's what we're going to do.

We're going to listen for
two minutes to rock music

and I want you guys to draw
and you can use as many
colors and things as you want

just stay on the rock side
and draw to the music.

♫ I got my first real six string
♫ Bought it at the five and dime
- [Kendra] So draw to the music.
What do you feel.
- [Dad] It's like playing
the drums on his paper.

♫ We know we'll never get far
♫ Oh yeah
- Okay everybody hold
up your rock picture.

What did you guys think
of drawing to rock music.

- [Elise] I just felt crazy.
- [Kendra] You felt crazy.
- I felt like sharp turns
and stuff like that.

I was just like (imitates rock music)
and at some parts I just went--
- [Laura] And I felt like...
- [Dad] That's what she felt like.
- Alright, everybody
grab a new colored pencil

and on the other side
we're going to be doing

the classical music.
("Ode to Joy" by Beethoven)
- Okay how did it feel
different to draw to classical?

- I just felt so smooth.
- [Kendra] Smooth.
- I felt...
- [Kendra] You still felt crazy?
- [Dad] She just always
feels crazy no matter what.

- That's because you're three.
Alright well here's mine.
Okay everybody grab
something to draw with.

Our next one is jazz.
Did you guys all write jazz
at the top of your paper?

- [Dad] Okay here we go.
- Ready?
- [Dad] It's a commercial.
Stupid YouTube commercials.
("In the Mood" by Glenn Miller)
(marker tapping)
- What did you guys think of jazz music?
- I think it was fun and happy.
- It's very happy sounding.
- I just felt like bopping
and twirling and dancing.

- I was like (humming).
- Ooh a little kicking your feet there.
- [Dad] I like your jazz logo.
- Oh yeah I put the Utah
Jazz logo for writing jazz.

- I like it.
So I noticed that I
felt very happy feelings

so I tried to use happy
colors and boy did my body

want to dance.
- Ready for country?
("Heartland" by George Strait)
(markers tapping)
♫ Opry music on Saturday night
♫ Brings a smile to your
face and a tear to your eye

- [Dad] Don't break the markers Caleb.
♫ Sing about the way a good man's
♫ Workin' 'til the daylight
- [Kendra] Tell us about your country one.
- I just felt so happy so this is the way
that I like to do happy.
I just really like country music.
- And this is what I did.
It makes me super excited.
- [Kendra] Super excited?
You like music don't you.
And Caleb you were
dancing to the beat again.

You really got into it.
Alright so as we look at
the differences between

our rock drawing and our classical drawing
and the jazz and the country,
you kind of feel the
difference in the music.

Where are we headed?
- [All Kids] Gymnastics!
- [Kendra] Are you excited?
- Yeah!
- Don't fall out.
Buckle up, buckle up.
So on the drive over here we
almost got in an accident.

I'm still feeling a
little on edge from it.

What happened was somebody ran a stop sign
and pulled straight
into my lane of traffic

and luckily I was able
to swerve around them

and luckily there was no
oncoming traffic at that point

but anyway it's just really scary.
Be careful when you're driving.
- [Woman] Good girl!
- [Kendra] Alright show me how it's done.
(upbeat music)
Nice work on the balance beam.
Do you want me to hold your hand?
- Yes.
- Okay.
(upbeat music)
So I'm sitting here doing
reading lessons with Caleb

and he's wanting to snuggle a bunch
and he keeps telling me he's cold
and so anyway I get out the thermometer
to read his temperature and
somebody has been playing

with our thermometer and changed
it to the Celsius reading

and I don't know how to change it back.
So I can tell you that his temperature
is 37.6 degrees Celsius but I'm
going to have to Google that

to figure out what that
means, whether or not

he has a fever, 'cause I don't know.
- [Isaac] I know how.
- You know how to change it?
Isaac claims he knows how to fix this.
Fix it Isaac, fix it.
- Fahrenheit, now try it.
- [Kendra] You did it?
How did you do that buddy?
- [Child] You just hold it.
- You get it onto so it says
F/C and then you just hold

and it gets it to Fahrenheit.
- Well apparently it's that simple.
Thank you Isaac, you're awesome.
Okay should we see if
you have a fever Cubby?

By the way, Laura's feeling better
so hopefully if Caleb is not feeling good
it will be pretty quick.
Let me try that again.
- My head hurts.
- Your head hurts?
Okay sit up tall so I can do it.
You've got a little bit of a fever.
Are you not feeling good?
Well he's a little warm.
I don't know if 99 point
whatever technically counts

as a fever or not, but
it more matters to me

how he's acting.
He says his head hurts and he's cold
and he just wants to snuggle.
And if Caleb wants to take a
nap, he's not feeling good.

Let's get you some rest big guy, okay?
Before he rests he wants to show you guys
how he's learning to write.
Cubby I love your handwriting.
All snuggled?
- Mm hm.
- [Kendra] Got your big blanket in there?
Got your cubbies?
I love you buddy.
- I love you too.
- Have a good nap Cubby.
Well Elise has the giggles
because we are going over

a spelling list and I just
asked her to spell cup.

Can you please spell cup for us?
- C-U-P.
- [Kendra] Why is that funny?
- 'Cause it says C-U-P,
and if you said I, C-U-P.

- [Kendra] Oh!
You're a goof.
Hey do you want to tell
them why you're doing

a spelling list?
- Um I'm doing a spelling
list and Isaac is

because we're going to be in a competition
of spelling things.
- [Kendra] Are you excited about it?
- [Elise] Uh huh.
- [Kendra] So what do
you think of the fact

that there's a spelling competition?
- I think that's pretty
fun because I love spelling

and I love competitions.
- [Kendra] So do you think
you're going to do pretty well?

- I think I might do pretty good.
- Well we had different
plans for this afternoon

but with Caleb being sick
we're definitely staying home.

Isaac put on a jacket and went
outside to play basketball.

He's a die hard.
And Elise and Laura are working
on pipe cleaner sculptures.

- I might just make a sculpture of me.
- [Kendra] I'm excited to see that.
Laura are you eating a snack
while you're doing your art?

- Mm hm.
- [Kendra] What snack are you eating?
Goldfish, it's her favorite.
- Me.
- [Kendra] It's you, I love it.
- It's a portrait of me.
- [Kendra] With pipe cleaner.
- Uh huh.
- [Kendra] I see it.
Looks like you're wearing a dress.
- Yeah I like dresses.
And I'm going to church so yeah.
That's why I have a bun.
- Ooh I like the hairdo.
Well we're going to attempt to start
another family read aloud.
We haven't done one since Janae was born
and I'm excited to get back into that.
I love reading to the kids.
We're going to read "Wayside
School is Falling Down".

We read the first Wayside School
book and we loved that one

and so I hope we enjoy this one too.
It has short chapters which is
good in case people get fussy

like her.
We've got Laura distracted,
she's playing with beans,

and the three big kids are coloring.
(upbeat music)
How are you feeling bud?
- My brain is hurting really bad.
- Your brain is?
Dude I can feel your
temperature from out here.

You're getting warmer.
(thermometer beeping)
- What is it?
- 102.4.
Cubby asked to just be
snuggled and so Daddy came up

to snuggle him.
It's a good job.
Alright for dinner tonight
we are having tacos

and let's just pretend that
we're all getting along

and that there's no fighting or teasing
happening at our table,
or grumpiness at all.

Yeah, let's go with that story.
So it's time to feed
this little girl again.

She's just looking so cute to me.
- [Dad] Laura, you getting ready for bed?
- Yeah.
Goodnight, J House out!
(upbeat techno music)
(water splashing)
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157 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on August 15, 2017
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