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Hello Hello everybody I
woman Oh Oh
Today we want to continue to play our
What is that called
Oh Oh (horse sounds of white)
Big Adventure on
big Adventure ah
super Adventure
then we I I I I
I had this ah
this module links that I will
Posted the following description that
that you can point that a message
See the link to the demo
then I heard this module inside ah
have maid Hey
true he has a maid
then I threw ah ah refrigerant when measured
ah really did not think he went there to open a maid
Two two cute maid
like a long
a long like that of a
inside that animation Contact
There is also a long mirror sound like
ah Why I have nothing to
Oh I'm so sorry
we can do the heavy brush map
Oh Oh
we use
I want to go to other islands around
because our island is too small too poor
You see only the sauce island
only that
only as the sister splashing
God we left these friends
us too lonely
so we use
we're going to another island adventure
Because the map is where the show will only been to
so if he does not show the places would
for no no no
place that can adventure
is not been
should be right right right
then I do not know how the map can zoom
then like last time ah
do not we have dug wood
The results of that wood
do not know how long dig dig right
then I forgot to open a chain of mining in the felling module
felling felling fast stuff
so he cut slowly
So, now what ah
still the same can not
can not have this feature
I try it by V
I'm not sure
Anyway, to cut a cut ah
he will fall from the whole trick
I do not know how to engage
uh, I do not know how to get
I went to open to open to see
= = If not, then I'll tell you report
wait to take my
good I just tried a few times I found seem
Useful Hey Oh
good alternative synthesis mode
Oh, there it has it has it
Ouch 38
What are the water
This crystal is what ah
Oh use coal use with fluorite powder
But I do not fluorescent powder
so I
I may have to go to hell
Oh, it should not be used temporarily EE2
If you can completely replace the function of the torch
I definitely do not use EE2
I now know that if the synthetic methods
method that we just saw
we will use that method like
ah what I Sui hysteria
then I heard that this can not be shot out
I try to look good
how radio how radio
Left Right button
I'm faster than the middle finger
no response Hey
Oh another day study
he does not shoot out
temporarily defined not hit out swordsman
ah then Ender debris in the end is what
can hear what kind of call that will be out
end of the transmission will fall ball
What I forgot that
final boundary pearl ah
you can kind of try
ah obviously can not
he can not plant
good little pity
I can say that kind
today, we still go to the underground
is the sister cave dig a little something
dig minerals
Because we always want things still have to dig ah
no digging
Where's our resources right thing
Hey then this means I can wear
why I did not wear ah
look handsome
good uh then someone asked, why using the simplified Chinese version of that ah
here say once ah
The Simplified Chinese version
Why would use reason because
If you do not use the simplified Chinese version
these words ah modules and props will not see
would not see him
my remaining two sausage
I can eat sausage
sausage to roast it
grilled sausages can be grilled sausages can do it
Let's try it
ah stove even feel sick sausage
I'll direct you to eat
can grow it
sausage can grow it
God this the idea is too naive
not good to eat it
us to go underground
sister underground underground underground Cave
Outdoor shopping
We still have to dig things ah
something we did not dig
on it there will be nothing to eat
Well anyway, we're kind of cuisine
so food is not to worry
I just We have to see that what
here here here
I saw two cute little
small shrub
Why ah explode
I got it
ah I just saw
Hey flesh fall
Why not pick up
Oh has been with small
= = Oh, this is not read
this species do
we now do not eat well
anyway, we have meat
let's go home
planted it up
This is a so cute
Why will explode
Hey Hey explode right point
He is a fruit bomb explosion
Wow these things also shrub species incredible
he can split it
can Oh Hey
Hey Oh really
cherry Boom bush (cherry bomb bushes)
what ah
Let's not planted here
species where good
anyway, sooner or later he grow out
we go adventure
See today will encounter any
the hole is too
so funny
there are a lot of surprises his sister
good right
not defiled this series
Anyway, he can no longer have dirty dirty right
uh First
I first sword
I would like to start this adventure
because there seems to have not completed right
Oh, not here, walked the
we look at what is here four
treasure ah or what you can dig
think I just saw here there
Of iron
poach poached Hey
mining chain function even started great
uh there just
last time there have been
but over there too many skeleton bow
I intend to acquire the torch to plug
because he lights up faster
Oh my god Oh my god
Oh my god
stone ready
good point danger
Uh I see them they come
Do not cut me not to cut my
Do you really hurts Oh
hurts you
walked away
your super pain
you go away
even if you
you are a man as you are away
are away all away
walk walk away
ah both sides
ah Do
This life ah
ever play Minecraft inside
encounter is the most annoying sister
hurts Oh
I am so hard to live in peace with them
they simply do not want I am at peace with my God ah
this is too
too hurt heart
Hey I go over there to go
After I die they will be reborn right thing
here are a
I do not know what medicine
feeling is
Hey what this is
what watercress
dumplings juice (Zongye fishes)
like eating the dumplings will use something
let's drink to see
good into what
This is a poison
ah ah
I see
I have to walk slowly
Oh effect ended
careful they are in the vicinity
= = they are yin
first to pick up my stuff matters
leave them
they are long ugly
Oh Hey Oh
Ouch what is
What is the gravestone ah
how long this
this tombstone long
Hurry Hurry Hurry
Come on with
so many things friends
this is how green
wear shoes
Oh first saw you
first prepare my sword
I want do swordsman
I wish I was a sword
I suddenly can not think of a more nasty adjectives
we do first called oh oh
he hurts
his super pain
I hate him
knife he cut me I think he also dozen knives
ah not
how you can do
A lot of dear sister
Well Well
I ah ah ah
Well, what do you want me to do
how to
ye water fear it
you just sister
ah hey
well ah
I now have a similar good place to avoid it
should count it
I'll escape this here site
tie battalion good
ah This should be
right right right
above the sea is not
like Hey
then they now had not come
I have to preparations for my props
I left the torch lit by this one kind
with flint
Uh assault way now
I think that not only a few
this dig up
blocking off the water above the words
must it
If you want to fight this case
I think we should take the front side to dig up
Come on I'm ready
where you will fall inside
Then you will not cut me
I have a good plan
Come ha
but this is very shy to
sound a little bigger open
Wow yeah they stream more than
my gosh
uh, at least I do not tell them directly that ah
right ah so scary
Especially this
What is that black
withered skeleton most horrible
because he
he will have to play a little withered effect
will always buckle buckle buckle blood blood blood
first returned to his cave
finished I can not go back to their cave
I have to die yet Austria
I have to die yet Austria
Why every time there will be
sister playing Seven Mile splash ah
I am in the end what is built
mad at me
No, I have to retrieve my stuff
yet it should be reborn
Hey why do you reborn
I get something wrong cut
technology better technology better
I technical tolerance
how to fight ah God
how they are so strong ah
ah good
came I saw a monster
Oh I get something wrong cut
is not my purpose here ah
Oh my god
Oh good quasi-oh
What now
in addition to cut also added some
ah go away go away go away
This is my my my
This is not your
What do you want
Finished finished finished
I have to ah
Do not shoot me
why do you so fond of shooting
who are you in the end to learn ah
those summoned
or what
Do not ignore them
oh yeah
How split into a sword
hurry to leave
picked up picked up
Oh my god oh many
they found they did not find
But I think they will be more students more
a little bad
Hey we first
Hey we first
I just dug a hole next to go
To keep it down a bit
Why do you keep annoying you fall
against you Oh
gravel he really
do this
This should uh
To this
the twitching
sword too too much of it
Hey Hey enchant book
not bad
this not ah ha
I want I want potato
Do this uh
tombstone Do
dead or anyway a lot to take
Oh Well
tube how you speak
I'm sick
Ouch Hey Hey
this is
What is it
Who are you
how it seems very familiar
What is that called
ethereal world of mine module
But the world does not nothingness
so it should not
just looked like
enchant Hey Hey book does not seem to take
not so
good horror Oh
Oh this angle just right
another strategy also
Damn small-only
little woman
this too can Pale Ba
oh so hard to find home
Oh greater
Get off!
Good good horror terror Oh
Is this how you want to go home as people ah
I now want to own their own
own little strength
dug this tunnel
I do I've got a wood
I still have friends wood
I may not approach the end of their
them too hard
What is it
bananas Oh ribs
dig ourselves down
But the deeper end feel on
Oh I can not stand fast
Ha ha ha
Why so much
change sides
I simply do not want
this module is really no problem with it
I think this module are good good
good scary Oh
I'm going out
This is what cook
oh oh
a two
float a good insurance
following this move that it should be a cook
float the float up
we go home go home
ha ha ha
today today today adventurous enough
Good good horror terror
I'm almost scared to death
Oh my god
Oh good horror ah
home home home
today I brought a number of iron
this in the end is what
we use optimistic
good special Oh
home home home
uh oh
ha ha ha pressed the wrong friends
Oh my god
uh good horror
Enchanting book
take this burn
Hey Hey can burn
in the end can be used to do ah
good no matter what
best weapon is the best
must be good things
square gold (fine gold fishes)
this is why
well I just checked the
he is a gold party
synthesized married with rings
Do not doubt
is married ring
I do not know why
Why is marriage ring ah
strange Oh
also dug some heart Zombies
there are some strange things
Let's get a good iron to burn
we now have iron helmet
iron breastplate
want to lose this, this
We have a tin ingots
can be used to do what we tin
tin ingots can burn
so it
can not be used to do the investigation say Hey
God have their own press
like this is very difficult to play Oh Oh
really so hard to play
this is
Why would I put up this thing ah
burning iron it
This is what watercress
not grow Hey
This in the end is what
so he is a sauce of class materials do
strange Oh
are strange Oh
to do
1 2 3 4 5 6 pants do
Good this would do the
defense a little higher
lest we next turn was beaten back
food my food carrot
carrots have been
have been
= = replanting
ah continue to grow vegetables
this is my food
are Well
yes yes yes our cucumber
we can eat cucumber
Hey we can eat
we have cucumber seeds
continue Species
This is the sweet potato
sweet potato has three
This is strawberry
strawberries There are several
Mmm us in fact, quite a number of foods rich
you look so strange food has
we live today has to end here slightly
If you like my video
remember a point like
want to know the latest videos Subscribe point to remember Oh
OK on sauce Thank you for watching
See you next
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557 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 14, 2017
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