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That I had to glue the box because one of the things in test-run tried to break out
Hello everyone today I'm joining Miss Tanya Burr. She's back. You guys love it when we do videos together.
You love it.
Yeah, I always know when I'm filming with you there's gonna be a bloopers video. Straightaway.
It's always like a two-for-one with you because there are always extras if you put on a bloopers video.
As you can we got this box here which usually holds creatures.
But today it's holding variety of different things which Tanya's gonna be blindfolded.
Put a hand in and try and tell me what the bloody hell is in this box. Tanya you get a point for every one you guess right.
For every one you get wrong I'm going to take away a point.
You'v e got to stay above zero points. Right blindfold on please.
Just think of the fun.
It's gonna be fun, nothing's gonna hurt you.
Nothing's gonna hurt you.
Round one. And we've got a safe word.
Can I say...what's my safe word?
What was it?
If it's a tarantula if you put on my leg I'll kill you.
No I won't put it on your leg.
Ahhh Joe I'm gonna kill you. I literally I'm actually going to be really annoyed.
Can we just put some in there alright?
If there is anything that will go up my arm..
Okay.. It's fine, it's fine.
Don't come near me, Don't come near me
Okay right. Tanya, that's me, that's me.
Can you sit down? Can you, can you just sit down?
Yeah, I'm sat, now I'm sat down. Tanya, it's now time to tell me what the bloody hell is in this box.
Your own time.
Haha, they're not really moving anymore. Yeah, that's it, that's the hole.
You found the hole.
I know I found the hole I was scouting out the whole hole.
Your look your letting your areas.
Oh yeah.
I'm not gonna hurt me, am I?
No, not at all
Thing as well, I think you might know this.
We're getting close we're getting close. Keep going keep going. Oh, go on that's you've almost got it. What is it?
What the bloody hell is in the box Tan?
Is it a tampon?
No, it's not... I mean... you could... you... no it's not a tampon.
I don't really like it.
It's not a tampon, good guess though, kind of...not really.
That's it you've got it in your hand.
Is it alive? Can you just tell me so I can relax?
Technically.. technically..technically it is alive. Technically it is alive.
Oh fuck
What else is alive? What's a living thing?
Yes, go on!
What is it?
It's polistgarine?
No, it's not, you can probably eat it, you put it in food.
Yes, open your eyes.
- It's tumeric! - It's tumeric ain't it?
Tanya you've got a point.
I'm so cool, okay. I actually really liked that one.
Yeah, you did very well, I'm very proud of you. Round two. You're actually one point up right now. You're doing very well.
Yeah also I think can I just make a disclaimer whilst you're getting it?
I just want you all to know that reason ones so terrified is because I've done a video like this before.
And there was stuff like snails, put in my hand, so that's why I'm so freaking out.
And I know you've done a video before where you've had snakes and tarantulas.
Oh yeah.
Get off near me. It sounds like a bird.
What the...
You'll get angry. Go and brave.
That's it, that's it. I like to know what I feel
You're doing well, doing well and cotton wool as candy floss
Candy floss? Oh you're close
Is it carpet...what was that noise? Huh?
What was that noise? That was, that was it
Joe...it's moving
You can do it.
Put your hand in...Can you tell me something reassuring?
but it has to be a fact
You can do it
Uh do you know that dolphins are the only other animal on the planet that enjoy sex
Joe, and do sex for fun. I meant tell me about a fact for this
What the hell? I love your toy
What is it?
A furbee
Yeah, okay. I got your eyes no he's right
Maybe girl is actually a walking west E-40 Tanya you are now back on zero point
She's good round three, okay? Here you go time
Handed that's it found it. What is it though time? What's in the boss a tin of ducks is Gonna?
Give a bad feel hander
Ready slightly, just give a good wiggle wiggle
- awesome, what's that? So I'm happy oh
Make me Wanna die no no
Control I have a very moment. I promise okay. I don't know what it is. I forget. I mean like here is
One of those balls when you keep aliens in what a bullshit. I'm so close
I was going to be a point by can't on open your eyes. I'm like what it was
Handy when you're ready. I'm just going to go to this one. Yeah anxious
Be brave. Oh here. We go. Good is raised to suck them ah go. What is the doings up?
my racer oh
Cereal do this up, but what's what's in the cereal? Thank you second vibrator
Hi, sweetie, so happy you know I used it
So I follow me around fighting my personal favorites get another cage
hold on Oiz I
Hope at the end that you've got a puppy, and that's a surprise
- one time there you go round six your round six
And it and go straight down good. I'm being quite child yeah, you algebra me see the questions
That is it alive yes. It's a life. Oh no no no listener
pop it may be
Okay, yeah, it's making noise at the bones
Both yeah, it's busy
Good point. No no that's Gonna Come visit
Good did you have in your finger in there the roundness it funko. I can't find the cup that it was what?
The Edge of it you picked up oh
Okay, now hand down now hand down. That's it. That's what that's it. You doing. Well you doing
Oh, okay
Okay, fifty muggeragem echoes. Is that your final answer? Yeah my case. I'll let you know where just feel like
You're wrong there actually grubb
Hold on round seven here we go
Come do something really awful to my challenge. Go on
What's the Magic word?
Conference, you've probably had it on your hand before at some point
What kind of situation I don't know if I should say go on further is it there you go? Hey go
Do a way out it's not alive trust me. It's not alive go and grab it okay had a hand
Hugging the box you've almost got it. You've almost got it
It's a baby you go for a baby a baby a baby a baby doll with flying on it
Ding ding ding ding ding ding. Ha ha way to go climb
Electrical fire no more importantly watch wash your hands go back to zero points so go and fold up here we go
Got it
Quick yeah, mike yeah, go and do it my hat. God be brave. No. No you guys you as I said be brave
Why is it a problem? Let's push e. I - it wasn't cool
So you could say anything and it would be right in the dirty. Yo bro. Squashy. Yeah your eyes. That's watching
Just watching pushy, and you're currently on one point. Oh my God
You've gotta get some runs remember if they decide to get Europe once then counting still loops back on top
Okay, look
Hey, come on stop that
Smells horrible that is a goldfish. That's a big fish not a daughter. Okay Todd your own time handed
I'm not going to a care handed nice you can do this
It was salmon, what about that box. It would knock us over
I won't touch you you know an Eric and noah near and not touching is I go straight up
No, no, I can't I can't on what the judy touchy you'll probably guess it
I reckon you need this point time you need the point
But you're so close. You're so close. I didn't like him. Okay. I really like it, okay
I'm a dead fish no
One will go
Part of it. No that one. No, I
Want to know who now shows the pitch. Oh, you're just so close out there sugar so good, huh?
I need you one more game at camera will help Tempura fight in our mattress
Yes, sir
love sir
It's a lobster look
We know is Klaus born off he's dead
I need a red where lots of the resin is live in boiled, so there we go. Tanja is the moment of truth
We went through a hoarding range member negative point positive points and make a point and I can reveal
Tanja end up with turn boy. You did it. I'm very happy don't you in?
so guys
I hope you enjoyed that video if you did you know thumbs up subscribe to the lovely Tanya burr and I will see you next
Week with another substantive question which is goodbye
ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages
World live if you have a kind of long and seen from your favorite YouTube stars or people or whatever go on the website
It's right here on your screen. Go on there and get you think it's now before it's too late
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474 Folder Collection
愛追星 published on August 13, 2017
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