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God, I don't know.
What am I afraid of?
That's a hard question.
We asked 100 people tell us their biggest fear.
I'm scared of fruit at the bottom yogurt.
I'm scared of bees.
I'm scared of stepping on slugs.
Thunder and lightening.
Really distant outer space.
Getting shot.
Adult sloths creep me out.
Donald Trump not being impeached.
- Are we talkin' about like, an object or are we talin' about anything? - Anything that you're afraid of.
Oh, well, I don't like failing at anything.
Probably failure.
Disappointing my mom.
Not being successful.
Sucking at life.
Everyone's afraid to fail.
Not being happy.
Being stagnant.
Being mediocre.
Being boring.
No one finding me interesting.
Being embarrassed.
Fear of rejection, for sure.
Disappointing people.
People talking behind my back.
I'm afraid of getting bullied.
I think the biggest thing I'm afraid of is letting my OCD get to me.
Forgetting, because that is how one loses sight of one's divinity.
When I try to think about infinity, it actually causes a certain reaction inside, like I get short of breath.
New things are pretty scary, but also being homeless.
Being poor.
And having nowhere to live.
What else? What's the thing you're most afraid of?
Losing my family.
Especially my little brother.
I have nightmares about that.
Don't ever leave me, bro!
I love you.
My grandpa and grandma dying at the same time.
What am I afraid of?
Losing my family.
Losing someone that I love.
- What are you most afraid of? - Other than commitment?
Thinking about kids and marriage, it all scares me.
Anything bad happening to my daughter.
I can barely breathe when I think about losing one of my kids.
CPS taking my kids from me.
Being alone.
Like, if no one else was on the planet.
Not having someone to really love.
To spend my entire life with.
Being forgotten.
I don't think it's required that somebody remember me, but I will feel sad to know that I'm gonna be pretty invisible.
You never really know what they're capable of.
Someone showing up and going after you.
Being attacked by people, or being hurt.
'Cause like, I've been hurt before in my past by people.
When there's like too many people in a room.
Dense crowds.
Small spaces.
Not being able to see this far in front of my face is not okay.
It's like sensory deprivation, pitch black.
I'm afraid of the unknown.
I don't like demons or like anything spiritual.
The devil.
I'm only afraid of God.
I was trying' to sleep, and then I hear somethin' move, and I'm like, whoa.
Snakes, maybe?
(imitates snake) Aah.
Fuck them.
Being stung.
Oh, right now, it's got to be flying.
Moment that plane is in the air, I am terrified of hitting the ground.
I have a fear of heights.
Falling on the sidewalk, breaking my teeth, and having my eyeball punctured.
The freeway.
Traffic and car accidents.
The odds of it happening are so high.
That is my number one fear.
- What are you afraid of? - Earthquake.
Being buried alive.
I always think about like stashing water underneath my desk, in case the house falls down.
Don't want to be on fire.
Not a fan of water.
The ocean, 'cause it's like space, but on earth.
I'm like afraid of dying without having ever really lived.
Growing old.
Without having to live my best life, I guess.
(sighing) Damn, that's deep.
Um, that we're not living in a simulation, and this is real.
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100 People Share Their Worst Fears

31735 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on September 4, 2017    羅世康 translated    Tina Hsu reviewed
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