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Hello it's Crown. Today I'll teach you how to introduce yourself in English
It's time for college admissions again. Many high school seniors are going to prepare their profiles, including English self-introductions.
My brother, Ray, did a highly requested video about how to introduce yourself in English last year.
If you haven't seen it, you can check it out here!
We thought of some new stuff to add to it, so I'm doing a "How to introduce yourself in English 2.0"!
By the way, Ray made me wear my uniform. It's not that I'm trying to look young or something. :P
To begin with, the first line is both simple and difficult at the same time. When you're at the interview and the professor says, "Please introduce yourself in English", what do most people say?
我是Crown, 今年18歲....等等
我才不會說, ...等等!
Okay, most people start off like this. Or else how would you start it?
Wrong~~ You guys watching this video will be totally different! Let me show you how to impress the professor "I'd be happy to"
"I’d be happy to" means「我很樂意」. When the professor asks you to introduce yourself, you'll be winning from the beginning by saying this with a perfect pronunciation
Okay, let's give it a try, ask me to introduce myself. (Me?) Yes.
But with a good start, we have to make sure the rest of it goes well, too.
There are three tips in introducing yourself in English, which are the 3Ps. They are "proficiency", "preciseness", and "personability"
"Proficiency" is your English level, including your word choice, pronunciation. "Preciseness" is how accurate your content is.
"Personability" is to feel at ease when you speak English
"Proficiency" means to let the professor know how good your English is
Especially the correctness of your grammar. If you're making many errors, it either means you're not well prepared for the interview or you didn't discover these mistakes
So I'm gonna provide you a great sentence for you to say. And trust me, it's 100% correct and natual
Because it's written by Ray.
(You know.)You know.
You can find the sentences above in the description box below if you need.
The second P, "Preciseness", is important too. Try to cut to the chase.
Think about it. A professor has to go through tons of self introduction a day, so he/she might be tired of it.
Usually, you only need to talk a little bit about your basic information. But you can accentuate your advantages and why you are suitable for this department.
For instance, you can say: “我認為自己是個網路沈迷者,而這也是我對於網路媒體有所熱情的原因”
Same thing. You can find the sentences I just said in the description box below
The last P, "personability" is the last icing on the cake, which is also the last drop of water that...
saved the...cammal...
Well Ray is the one who wrote this. We all know there's no such thing as "the last drop of water that saved the cammal." Okay okay~~
Look at this word, "personability", there's a person in it. This means you have to act like a person and not a robot reading lines.
I've seen some really cute situations of the lower class students. They memorized their self introduction so if they forget a line, they go back to the previous line.
Don't do that. Languages are for communications. You'll ruin your self introduction if you only memorize your draft.
I recommend you to grasp the outline, say your basic information first, then your interest in high school, then connect your advantages to why you are suitable for the department
This way you can go through your points in order even you forget some details
And remember to put some gestures and eye contact when you talk, don't just murmur.
Keep in mind that "personability" is to be like a person. So treat your professor like a person and introduce yourself in English.
Last tip, you can also use some fillers to make your English more natural.
We did a video about fillers before, check it out here if you haven't seen it.
So, these are the three Ps for English self introduction: proficiency, preciseness, and personability. I hope you find these helpful.
And if the professor asks, "How come you’re so good at introducing yourself in English?", You can say
“Ray Du English taught me how.”

By the way, we are having a lucky draw on our Facebook fan page! Just for your information.
Share this video and you might have the chance of Ray Du marking your introduction and getting a record of it to listen to and practice!
The activity will end on Friday, 3/18. So search "Ray Du English" on Facebook now
and attend the activity! XDD
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Preparing For Your Self Intro V2.0

1601 Folder Collection
pau_sn07 published on August 9, 2017
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