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  • - [Narrator] Reaching up towards the sky,

  • these 3,000 pillars stand tall from the valley below

  • to make a towering forest of sandstone.

  • The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is located

  • in the west Hunan Province of China

  • and is over 600 miles away from the major cities

  • of Shanghai and Beijing.

  • Fans of James Cameron's Avatar

  • may find these rock pillars familiar.

  • They were the inspiration behind the mythical world

  • of Pandora in the film.

  • These pillars resulted from weather over many years.

  • A combination of the changing seasons

  • and the plants that grow on them

  • have contributed to their individual and unique shapes.

  • Although the seasons change,

  • the weather is moist all year round,

  • which results in dense foliage.

  • In fact, 98% of the park is covered in vegetation.

  • There are hiking trails available

  • to see this incredible forest.

  • However, as James Cameron knows,

  • nothing compares to experiencing it in the sky.

(relaxing music)

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Float Above the Sandstone Spires That Inspired 'Avatar'

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    羅世康 posted on 2017/08/08
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