B2 High-Intermediate US 15604 Folder Collection
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Oh that's tight, I'm getting jiggy with this, SHUT UP!
Hey guys! Hey guys! Watch this!
YEAH! That was hilarious! Way to go champ!
That was so good buddy!
What the hell? What's wrong with you Tom!?
You buy me a new phone! You A**hole!
Oh my god!
With these download speeds the new Jah Rule song will be done downloading by tomorrow.
URGH! This Netflix movie is taking over 30 seconds to load!
It's unacceptable!
Is this yours?
Is there a bomb in there?
*I don't know*
Are you a bad guy?
I don't know.
Alright go ahead!
What's in there?
Mouth wash, 3 ounce bottle, a travel-size toothpaste, a container of contact solution divided into 3 smaller bottles, and a thimble of lotion
OK, we're gonna need a rectal search on lane 4
*still, Anthony struggles*
Your pet, is like, so cute! Oh my God!
Your pet is so cute
[Sings] I like water, yes I do, I like water how about you
Hey nerd!
Hey hey! I was here first!
Screw you pussy!
Screw you pussy!
We're a boy band
*ear ache quintet*
So, you guys are a boy band
No, we're a person band
Okay but you're all boys
No, we're people
*ear ache continues*
Okay, looks like we'll need a lot of autotune
You wanna go? bitch!
Ohh...no, you gonna down
You wanna go? Bitch!
Oh you gonna down
*keyboard fighting*
Check the tweet
MacKelson residence, who's speaking??
Hey, man its Casey
wassss up
Nothing man, do you want to talk to phone 2 hours?
Hey mom can you keep the internet up for a couple of hours? I'm talking to my buddy
My grandma is in hospital.
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1997 VS 2017

15604 Folder Collection
葉神龍 published on August 15, 2017
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