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Yo whats going on guys my names Eclihpse
And today, We will be going over 10 things
that all clash royale players hate
So on my previous video I told you guys to leave a comment on
the video letting me know somethings you hate about clash royale
So pretty much I went through the comments
on that video, and I found the most common things
that you guys said, and I compiled it into a list
for todays video. Now Im going to assume
this video is going to do well. So please leave a comment
on this video letting me know some things you
hate about clash royale because if I make a part 3
to this then obviously Im going to go to the comments
to get some advice from you guys.
Now the very first thing we will be talking about is the
meta. Now if you don't know what the meta is.
Essentially it's just what decks are really popular
for the time being. So as Im recording this
video a lot of popular decks include
three musketeers, the night witch, the battle ram
pretty much bridge spam decks are very very popular
right now. So if you're looking at the top players
a lot of them are going to have battle ram, three musketeers,
the night witch. Um I know some hog decks
are coming back into the game. Bait decks
are always like a go to. Pretty much just whatever decks
are very popular and over-powered
is the meta. So one reason that it kinda sucks is
because clash royale doesn't release enough
balancing changes. So I know I think they release
balancing changes every other month. But I feel
like that should definitely be sooner because
If you ever go up against one of these bridge-spam decks,
its like the most frustrating thing ever,
and unless your'e using a counter deck to that specific
deck your'e going to have a very hard time
playing against it and it's for that reason right there
that the meta is being mentioned in this video.
Now after that I had to mention this card
because I saw so many comment on the video talking about it,
and this is the beloved Royale Giant.
What isn't there to talk about this guy he sits at the bridge,
snipes your tower and has a lot of hit points.
The only time the Royale Giant will frustrate me
is if he is level 13 because then I'm like OH
STOP THIS GUY. Now after that we have the bowlers teeth
and this one was partially sarcastic, but I did think
And another thing we all hate is how long
it takes to for a dang card to come out. Now I apologize if
I sound rude here but
if you are scrolling like down the cards section here are all the
cards. It just pretty much says coming soon,
coming soon, coming soon, coming soon then whenever a
new card is released you have the option to obtain it
through a challenge, but lets say
your'e not the best player, or you don't have the gems to
keep on trying the challenge over and over again
your'e going to probably end up have to wait 14 days just to unlock the card
Now the next thing we hate is kind of related
to the meta, but this is three muskets with a heal spell
Now I feel like these decks have faded out slightly
But if you have ever went up against someone
using a deck like this. Your'e like Omg
what do I do because they will split their musketeers
so they will have two on one way, and one on the other
and most of the time they put a battle ram with a single one
and then they will just heal spell one of the troops. Sometimes its
the battle ram side, sometimes it's the one with the two musketeers
and no matter what situation your'e in its
the hardest thing to defend. Now another card
which everyone seems to love are the elite barbarians.
A lot of people left comments with elite barbs on
my previous video, so I felt like I had to throw this in there
throw this into the countdown, but elite barbs
I don't think they are too much of a pain. I mean
sometimes they are rarely.
I mean most of the time this is a pretty simple card to counter just put some troops in the middle
Draw them off their path and then you can kill them
But if these things do get to your tower they just go to town
They smack on that thing and yeah
your tower is toast. Now this next thing doesn't
really affect me, and to be honest if you really hate that
this is even a feature in clash royale
you may have some anger issues, but this is the limited name changes
So i believe you get one name change in clash
royale. I think the person who submitted this one
actually said they wanted more then two name changes.
So I don't know if you get two now or if it's still one but
pretty much they just want more name changes and
the more you change your name, I feel like Supercell should just keep
On charging you more and more gems or maybe if
you have the same name for six months you get another
name change. I really feel like they should do something
like that because some people do get stuck with
stupid names, but still if you change your name once
I don't think you should have to change it again
Now this next one made me laugh, but someone left a comment
on my last video saying they hate the clash royale youtubers
Im throwing this in here
because I dislike some of the clash royale youtubers. Im sure
so many people dislike me, so I feel like this
is a very relatable thing. And for anyone out there
who's like Eclihpse who do you dislike in the clash royale
community? Its pretty much people who just upload the same exact video
upload the same exact video as me literally
a day or two after I post it
Like if you see a video I did and you
wanna make something similar all you have to do is message me
saying hey do you care if I make a similar video
because I never told anyone like
NO get your own ideas. Most of the time I'm just like yeah
its fine. I just prefer if someone were to like
ask me for permission rather then just going out there
and kind of just going out there and stealing an idea.
And I know I don't own the rights to an idea
but its just something a youtuber can do out of
a sign of respect or just reference from where they got the idea
from in the video. Hopefully
that kinda makes sense.Hopefully that doesn't made me sound
like a total d word. Not being able
to bookmark clans is something thats actually really annoying
about clash royale. Because in clash of clans
your'e able to bookmark clans that way you can check on
clans. See how they are doing, and just pretty much just makes it like
super convenient because you wont have to type the hashtag
in you wont have to type the clan name in
pretty much you would just go to your bookmarks and click
on the clan. And for some reason clash royale
hasn't added this yet. And for the final thing we all
hate about clash royale. This is going to be
giant skeleton spam.
Now what I mean but this is when your'e up against an enemy an they
just keep on cycling giant skeletons
and it makes it like impossible to push
Because you have to get all your troops to the tower.
But then all your troops disappear.You get another push going
Your troops are near the tower and boom all your troops
disappear. Lets say he sends a massive push towards
your end. You counter all of his troops
your going to get a big counter push going but then boom!
All your troops disappear. The giant skeleton really
does p-word me off, but it's not like a super over powered card. Im just kind of a noob, so
thats why it annoys me.But guys thats everything I had to
say for this video
Remember please leave a comment on this video letting me know some things you hate
about clash royale. Because I I make a part 3
to things we all hate.Im definitely going to reference the
comments while I compile that list
But guys this has been Eclihpse. Hopefully
you all enjoyed the video and peace out.
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178 Folder Collection
MCX~mighty combat X published on August 8, 2017
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