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What I love about your family is,
when your family gets together,
You all have cats which I love you all have cats.
We were raised as cat people, so...
You bring your cats...
So that's all the cats.
They don't all look happy.
I got to say, they are not...
Well, look at mine, notice mine.
They are the happiest.
And my brothers' are like,
about ready to bite someone's head off.
The big, huge ones are like bobcats.
And then the others, yeah, my mom is like,
looks like she's laughing,
but she's actually being scratched to death right there.
That's Max.
which is very...whatever you...
And that's Lux. They're twin black cats.
And I actually got them off the set of "Homefront".
My character is a drug dealer,
who torments Jason Statham and his daughter.
And I steal his daughter's cat.
It's horrible.
Horrible thing to do in the movie.
But in real life, I adopted the cats.
The cats from the film.
And one cat is the cat's double, yeah.
Look at that, yeah.
That's cute.
All right, so before we go, I got you something,
because I'm sure you can do this in your spare time.
But we saved you the hassle.
We got you a James Franco cat calendar.
-So it's really... -Oh, my god.
just kind of...
[cheers and applause]
Well, I was gonna take my shirt off.
I thought that's what happened here.
But I guess I don't have to now.
Well, you can. You can do it.
Yeah, there.
Well, that's what it'll...
That's what it'll look like, so I guess I don't have to.
Now you don't have to. All right.
Well, lovely seeing you again.
"Homefront" hits theaters November 27th.
We'll be right back. James Franco.
-I'm gonna keep this. -Yes, of course you are.
[cheers and applause]
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James Franco and His Cat Calendar

12868 Folder Collection
陳彥文 published on October 21, 2017    Crystal translated    Ann reviewed
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