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*loud intro starts*
yo guys what's going on my name's
Eclihpse and today i will be showing you my ass
how you can make your own cards for
Clash Royale. So a few days ago Clash Royale...
tweeted this link over on Twitter
and when you click the link it brought you to my house where um i killed your mother yeah killed her O_O
you to this website right here and
essentially you can create your own dildo
cards from scratch so in today's video I
figured I would make one card of my own and shove it in your face about that my card is most likely to be in clash royal i mean i am the best after all
and then over on twitter i asked you to send me nudes plz don't banned me you tube its just what i do get trolled eclihpse
guys to send me a whole bunch of the
cards you made so once i make a card of
my own i'm just gonna be going over
some of the cards you guys sent me.
Now for some people out there who are
wondering like Eclihpse
why would I even want to do this I feel
like this is somewhat pointless and you
are right to an extent but if you just
want to have some fun create stupid
cards troll your friends or maybe even
offer suggestions for future clash
Royale updates then this website is the
best way to go so if you want to check
it out of the link below its not
sponsored or anything like that but with
that taking care of the let's get
started so first off the language
obviously I only speak English so let's
check that one off for the name of the
card let's just make a card based on
ourselves so we can either do Eclihpse or
we can make it the clickbait God which
one shall we do Eclihpse or clickbait
hmm you know what for the sake of the
video it's just that now let's go back
to Clickbait god. I feel like that's good as
far as a rarity goes.. uhh.. common rare you
know there's a lot of clickbait on
youtube but i think this card should be
pretty rare.. you know what? let's just go legendary
let's go all out i guess as far as the
troop type goes this is definitely going
to be a spell that cost what should the
cost of this be you know I'm thinking
this card is gonna be the most
overpowered card ever you know what I'm
saying so we can make it anywhere from
one to ten elixir and since no cards
currently cause 10 let's just go at that
and as far as the description goes I
no harm plz dont ban me
are you guys ready I want you to pause
the video right now and comment what you
think the description of this card is
going to be okay i'm going to assume
every single one of you guys got this
wrong because the description is gonna
you won't believe this card that is
right this card is just so good you will
not believe what happens
what does the card do exactly i'm not
too sure but let's just browse an image
real quick let's go find out where my
crap is saved
browse i don't i don't know why it's not
popping up ok so it finally loaded and
let's just make this fill up the entire
screen so I'm i think about right there
should be good and oh crap so I have to
make like a square erecting like ass and
I think rate there is about even so just
a crop and boom there we go we have the
level one clickbait god and let's
actually change the level on this crap
legendary card level five so we have a
max level clickbait god card and you
guys know how it goes
you will not believe this card and if
you want to save it all you have to do
is hit the Save button right here save
it in full quality and now as you can
see I have the picture save to my
computer so I'm gonna go tweet this
picture out real quick to see what you
guys have to say but if you guys make
any cards of your own please send me
them because i do enjoy seeing what you
guys do have to offer you guys are a lot
more creative than me so please tweet
them at @itseclihpse because I do love
all the fan art and stuff like that
oh my god I'm an idiot there's something
I completely forgot to do so I already
tweeted out this picture right here so
this is fine i guess but if you come to
the property section right here you can
actually add your own properties so
something i want to add is a death
damage and let's just type right here.. death
damage and let's make the card 9999...
damage that's a lot of nines but pretty
much since this card is so good you
just put it down and boom you're pretty
much win right away that is right you
will not believe this card with that
taking care of it is time to move on to
the next section of the video and these
are going to be the user submitted cards
so the first card right here is the
credit card and this was submitted by
Blake 00 Alex but the legendary credit
card it says play this card and you win
the game because you get every legendary
that you want and you level up all your
cards genius and if you're looking at
the hit points and says check bank
account negative fifteen dollars and it
targets free-to-play people definitely a
good card and
I actually saved another credit card and
this one is from flopper by T but this
is actually a common card instead of a
legendary and it reads the credit card
is the best part in the game it is the
best way to get legendary cards it is a
fan favorite ad supercell and if you are
looking at the health and damage as you
can see it's a pretty costly card and I
couldn't agree more
moving on to the next card from vertex
and it is the level five dm's and pretty
much let me slide up in there real quick
MLG 6-9 6-9 6-9 useful i don't really
know and now we actually have somewhat
of a useful card but this is the level
five royal family and it's pretty much
all royal family members in the arena at
once so you can see a royal giant prince
princess dark prince and I believe that
a night and if this card was actually in
the game for ten elixir.. it would
pretty much be the most broken card you
can ever imagined possible but I do
actually like this concept switching on
over to the most popular submission and
this was Donald Trump so the one you're
looking at right here is from animals
play and it says Trump creates jobs and
makes life easier for everyone how easy
when the trump card display all cards
played in the next 30 seconds cost half
the amount of normal elixir now even if
you don't support Trump you can't lie
this card right here would actually be
pretty helpful now we actually have
another donald trump card and this one's
from trainer Dylan one but it says build
a wall on your side of the map is
spotted by sniper deals two times damage
of your crown towers you don't want want
to offend him or he'll sue you you after
the election I don't know what this is
saying okay next trump card and this is
Trump's wall and this comes from elite
underscored cake but it says Donald
Trump's fierce wall keeps enemies on the
other side of the river fear me troops
on this card would be good except i
think the person who created the card
forgot about the minor hog rider and
every air troop in the game now if you
guys are anything like me you experience
that quite often all this picture comes
from sahaja wani i think i'm saying that
right but the level 5 - The Lag
makes the enemy lag out and kick them
out of the game because of lag and I
feel like this is already in the game
because well I like too much the next
card will be looking at is the level
five Jewish Lewish broken ipad and for
those of you who do not know my friend
Jewish Lewish actually dropped his ipad
and it looks like this so if you want to
help him buy a new ipad link is in the video
down in the description below if you
want to click it watching an ad for him
give him some money
feel free to do so because look at this
it's pretty much unplayable moving back
on over to a realistic card this is the
Elixir collector i'm pretty sure
any money makes her storage so let's
just disregard the name but it says adds
an extra five to your elixir bar until
destroyed when destroyed if you have
more than 10 elixir you lose the extra
and this would be really overpowered and
broken but i really wouldn't be
surprised if we saw a similar concept
added in the future like I can actually
see something like this being added and
I'm actually afraid now we actually have
a another legendary Eclihpse and this was
submitted by straw hat but it says the
Eclihpse spell scares away enemy troops
while doing damage over time due to
extreme cringyness buildings are not
affected are you trying to tell me I'm
cringey the miners dad aka the giant
miner but this is the same as the
regular miner only stronger better and
larger spooky and essentially this is my
worst nightmare i would probably quit
clash if this was added
let's be real the miner already good
enough can you imagine him on crack
because I can and to finish it all off
we have a keem star card from FSU atl
couch and it says when he enters the
arena you can hear leeeeet's get riiiight in
to the news. he stuns any enemy with
shocking made of news that they didn't
know about so they quit their careers
hog riders better not get in his way
i'm pretty sure i don't need to describe
this card anymore its keemstar you love
them or hate him. moving on
actually i lied i'm not moving on
because i don't have any more cards but
if you enjoyed the video please give the
video a like down below and if you end
up making any cool / funny cards
remember tweet me those at
@itseclihpse i'm always on twitter i have no
life so the odds are i'll end up seeing
the card you make and with that being
said there is absolutely nothing else I
have to say so guys this has been
Eclihpse and peace out.
*outro song*
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244 Folder Collection
MCX~mighty combat X published on August 5, 2017
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