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This is our new orphanage? It's as big as a castle.
Feel free to use the house as you see fit.
Mrs. Mullins and I stay down here.
Your rooms are upstairs.
Locked, and it stays that way.
♫ Weird Music ♫ Hello?
You are Mullins's daughter, aren't you?
Can you help me?
What do you need?
From Producer James Wan
Janice says she's seen your daughter
My daughter has been dead for a very long time
And The Director of Light Out
She was taken from us at early age
We prayed to see our beloved girl again
The contact started small, but then it wanted permission to move into old doll,
so that it could be with us forever.
We said yes.
This August
Sister, it's coming after me
Nothing Can Prepare You
Who? The evil presence.
For The Next Chapter
It's because I'm the weakest...
It's the doll, the devil
In The Conjuring Universe
Annabelle 2 - Creation, August 11.
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Annabelle: Creation Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

9564 Folder Collection
Steven published on August 14, 2017    Steven translated    Katharina Yang reviewed
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